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Graduation Ceremony – “Intelaaq” programme

Tamkeen Hosts Graduation Ceremony for first batch of “Intelaaq” programme. 17 students and fresh graduates participated in the  Student Consultancy Programme.

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In a graduation ceremony, Tamkeen honoured the first batch the Intelaaq Business Student Consultancy Programme comprising of  17 students.

Established in November 2011, in cooperation with the MENA Centre for Investments, Intelaaq comes as part of Tamkeen’s efforts to connect students with local businesses, by providing them with the necessary consultancy skills  to prepare them for labour market entry . Intelaaq comprises a 12-week Student Business Consultancy Programme that aims to transform undergraduate’s and recent graduate’s knowledge into practical application by applying classroom learning and experience whereby top-achieving seniors and recent graduates majoring in Business, Media, Graphic Design, and Communication are given the opportunity to provide consultancy services to local SMEs over the course of 12 weeks.

The Graduation ceremony commemorates the conclusion of the first batch of the 2015-2016 programme. The teams’ projects revolved around the conduction of marketing research for a non-profitable organisation, price analysis for the real estate industry, market research for growth prospects, and strategy research  within  various sectors. The ceremony also honoured all the participating teams in their projects’ respective areas.

This edition of the Programme included participation from students from University of Bahrain, Bahrain Polytechnic, Ahlia University, Loughborough University, Leeds Bucket, and University of Kent. A total of 17 students were divided into teams of four or five, and were assigned projects at 4 local enterprises including Century 21, Taylos Oil Field, Annada, and Think Pink, who gave the Student Consultants the opportunity to practice their management consultancy knowledge in real on-going business cases.

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Registration is now open for Intelaaq’s second batch of the Programme due to begin in February 2016. To be eligible for the Programme, applicants are required to be either in their third or fourth year of undergraduate studies or fresh graduates majoring in Business including (Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Strategy, Operations, etc), Media, Graphic Design, and Communication related courses.

Further information about Intelaaq can be found on http://www.Intelaaq.com; registrations are open for the second batch of Intelaaq student consultants; all interested students and fresh graduates are invited to submit their applications to Intelaaq@tamkeen.bh by the 23rd of February 2016.

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