Green House

A Great Initiative by Rotary Club of Sulmaniya

Bahrain has recently witnessed a beautiful and humanitarian initiative by the Rotary Club of Sulmaniya, This was called the Green House project. The project was aimed at  showing the importance of farming to the underprivileged of Bahrain.

It took place over three days, 25-27 September, 2016. The first day was devoted for the children with Down Syndrome. On the second day, the program was conducted for the second day (26th September) was for the Blind Society and the last day, it was the children of the Al Rahma Centre who partook of this programme.

photo-27-09-2016-11-40-54Around 50 children from three different societies over 3 days took part in this year’s plantation; Bahrain Down Syndrome, The Friendship Society for the Blind and Al Rama Center and Al Rahma Center for Disabled Care. Harvesting will take place in January when the same children will come back to complete the experience.

One of the main objectives of any Rotary club in the world is to foster and promote the ideal of service throughout society. The Rotary Club of Sulmaniya has been undertaking many different projects year in year out since its inception in the early seventies to help the needy and the underprivileged groups across many sectors in Bahrain. This greenhouse project sits nicely within the objectives of the Club.

As Ms Ameera Ismail, President of the club said, ‘The Rotary Club of Sulmaniya is proud to be associated with such an project, which brings together educational and social activities under one place, allowing kids with special needs to experience the planting and later on the harvesting of vegetables. It is one of many projects that we are doing this year involving many members of our club. We have received numerous messages of appreciation from the individuals working with the children and from some of the children too. It is extremely rewarding to witness the excitements on their faces’.

photo-27-09-2016-11-41-00Salah Helmi from the Bahrain Down Syndrome Care Center said the children had a wonderful time at the green house on Sunday and very much look forward for the return trip in January. On behalf of the Center and the attending staff Mr Helmi thanked the Rotary Club of Sulmaniya for the invitation and the excellent organization which took much into account the safety of the Children.

Zainab Mohamed, from Al Rahma Center for Disabled Care said the Center is very grateful for the fun and the experience extended to the children through this initiative and also for the gifts provided for the children. She expressed appreciation to the Rotary Club of Sulmaniya for providing this wonderful initiative.