As part of its ongoing efforts to preserve Bahrain’s handicrafts for future generations, the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), represented by the Handicrafts Directorate, distributed certificates to its metal casting workshop participants on Thursday 23rd November 2017.

During the ceremony, the Director of Handicrafts Directorate of the BTEA, Shaikha Wafa Saif Al Khalifa, distributed certificates to 15 trainees who participated in the workshop which took place at Al Jasrah Handicrafts Centre between the 5th and 23rd November. This workshop was the first of its kind in the Handicrafts Training Program and was conducted by Tunisian trainer, Mr. Jameel Kharoubi, which tackled the various techniques in metal casting.

“This workshop comes as part of our efforts to develop the national workforce to produce high quality Bahraini handicrafts products. It also aims to teach trainees the various techniques for metal casting and smelting, including pouring it into molds allowing them to create unique sculptures,” said the Director of Handicrafts Directorate, Shaikha Wafa Saif Al Khalifa.

Hosting such workshops throughout the year comes in line with the BTEA’s keenness to preserve the Kingdom’s crafts and traditional industries and further develop the Bahraini craftsmanship skills, with the aim of refining their skills further so this vital industry can continue to prosper.