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Harman Middle East President visit’s Bahrain

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AJM Kooheji Group was pleased to welcome the Harman Middle East President Mr Amit Malani. During his one day visit he was introduced to the senior management of the AJM Kooheji Group & was taken on a short tour to multiple hypermarkets, power retailers & electronic stores. The main agenda of the visit was to establish new relationships with channel partners as well as chart out the action plan of Harman for the year 2016.

We inquired with Mr Amit Malani on the main objectives of his trip to Bahrain. To which he stated as follows, “Bahrain is a great place and a very dynamic market. It’s almost a year since we partnered with AJM Kooheji Group. Our partnership provides a big platform for Harman products in Bahrain. We believe that with the introduction of the new line up, we have the best mix of products which will suit every consumer and music lover in the Kingdom.”

During the visit Harman and AJM Kooheji Group agreed to increase their market reach. They will be introducing many new products in the Bahrain market. They will also be participating in large events wherein all Harman products will be showcased to customers in the most unique and effective ways. With the growing Bahrain economy Harman is also interested in entering into the B2B segment of the market. Harman products will also be seen in many retail outlets. The displays in these outlets will be very unique & trendy. This will not only give an elevated exposure of Harman products to the customer but will also enhance their shopping experience.

During the event we also spoke to Mr Sanjeev Awasthi, COO, AJM Kooheji Group. “JBL holds a huge market share in other countries of the GCC and they have increased their presence in Bahrain since our partnership started. With the product line up that JBL possesses, I am sure that in the coming years JBL/ Harman Kardon is going to be one of the top brands available in the Bahrain Market.” Is what he stated.

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