‘Shirsha’ means head and ‘asana’ means pose. Shirshasana is the first of the 12 basic postures of hatha yoga. It is said to be the most important of all. It is popularly known as the king of all poses in the practice of Yoga, due to its innumerable benefits.

Organising the Pose:-

1. Sit in vajrasana with eyes closed and a relaxed body, for a few minutes.

2. Open the eyes, bend forward and place the forearms on the floor, with interlocked fingers and the elbows in front of the knees, forming  a base.

3. Place the crown of the head on the floor between the interlocked fingers. Wrap the hands around the head to make a firm support to avoid it rolling backward when pressure is applied.

4. Lift the knees and buttocks off the floor and straighten the legs. Slowly walk the feet as close as possible to the trunk and head, moving the back towards the vertical position.

5. Bend the knees slightly, pressing the thighs against the abdomen and lower chest. Slowly shift the body weight from the toes onto the head and arms, maintaining a steady balance.

6. Gently lift both the legs upwards, keeping them bent at the knees. Keep the heels close to the buttocks, slowly straighten the hips moving the thighs up and away from the torso. Raise the legs straightening the knees till the body is in one straight line with relaxed feet.

7. This is the final position. Hold the position for as long as is comfortable.


Do keep the body relaxed in a straight line with the weight of the body taken by the top of the head, without any strain on the neck.


Don’t practice this pose if you have neck problems, headache, migraine, blood pressure, heart disease kidney problems, weak blood vessels in the eye, ear inflammation, or blood haemorrhage in the head. It should not be practiced during pregnancy or mensuration.


  • This pose revitalizes the entire body and mind. It helps to rectify many forms of nervous and glandular disorder, especially those related to the reproductive system.
  • It cures insomnia, spine problems and improves digestion, concentration and mental balance.


Neelanjana Bharadwaj– Yoga Expert