Health Ministry Arab League Chinese COVID-19 Experts

Consultant in infectious diseases, Geriatrics and internal medicine at Salmaniya Medical Complex, Dr. Jameela Al-Salman, and Chief of the Disease Control Section at the Health Ministry’s Public Health Directorate, Dr. Adel Al-Sayyad, participated in a remote meeting held yesterday by the Arab League’s Secretariat-General with Chinese COVID-19 experts.

The distant meeting was devoted to discussing the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) at the global and regional levels, and measures taken to prevent its spread.

During the meeting, Chinese experts shed light on a set of health aspects related to COVID-19, such as precautionary and preventive measures, clinical symptoms, tests, and treatments that have proven effective in dealing with this virus.

The Chinese experts also answered all the questions made by the participants on ways to confront COVID-19.

Dr. Jameela Al-Salman stressed that Bahrain is on the track regarding its approach in dealing with the current health situation to control the spread of the virus across society.

This is the fruitful outcome of the necessary health preparations and measures taken by the kingdom, in addition to the concerted efforts exerted by everybody to prevent the spread of the virus, she said, noting that Bahrain’s national strategy has proven its efficiency in dealing with cases such as tests, diagnosis, treatment and recovery of the detected cases, in addition to tracing contacts.

Dr. Al-Salman noted the success of the treatment protocol in place in Bahrain, which, she said, has proven effective as shown in the recovery of many existing cases compared to the number of confirmed cases to date, in addition to taking a package of preventive measures at the national level to combat the spread of the virus, earning the Kingdom international acclaim for its sound ways of dealing with COVID-19.