Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 – In conversation with Yoga master Adora Evasan.

Adora Evasan, from Philippines, has played multiple roles in her life; being a caregiver for the elderly and children with special needs, Massage Therapist and also a Certified International Yoga Teacher and Property Investment Endorser.  Keen to explore this world to discover the different cultures and letting people know about the benefits of good health, she makes sure to fill the world around her with happiness and liveliness.  Currently working as the manager and Yoga/Fitness Instructor of Profile Fitness Centre, located in Adliya, Adora took some time out from her busy schedule between classes to let us in on the secrets of healthy living with Rishikesh Yoga.

How did you become interested in Yoga, specifically Rishikesh Yoga?

During my employment in Doha, Qatar between 2008 & 2015, I was convinced by one of my colleagues to try a yoga course because, she wanted me to be calm, relaxed and control myself as I am very hyperactive person. Everything in my life has changed for the better after I started taking the classes and I am living a happy life with my passion for yoga.  And for those who don’t know, Rishikesh Yoga is based on the yoga teaching methods of Rishikesh Yogpeeth Training Center.

How and when did you receive training for Rishikesh yoga?

I took the 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course from August to September 2012 in Rishikesh Yogpeeth at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India and got certified as a yoga teacher for extensive practice and study in all aspects of yoga.

At what time did you decide to take up being an instructor?

I worked as a Sales and Accounting Clerk for several years. At the same time I took 6 months of Caregiver and Massage Therapist training. I then quit my office job and started to work as a freelance Fitness Instructor/Therapist in Sudan, West Africa, Doha, Philippines and Bahrain. I love to help people be fit and healthy, so I am now continuing my journey for a happy, healthy and younger existence.

How does yoga differ from other forms of exercises and what are the advantages associated with this?

The term yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root Yuj which means to unite (Samadhi or integration)

You will learn about stress relief, pain relief, flexibility, increased strength, weight management, improved circulation, and cardiovascular conditioning, and better breathing, focus on the present and inner peace.

When you practice Yoga, the brain remains peaceful and the senses are stilled. This generates a calm feeling of well-being. The journey of self-improvement starts from the very first step in Yoga. The focus is on improving your strength and power.

Unlike other forms of exercise, Yoga can rejuvenate you without leaving you too fatigued at the end of the session. Besides, you don’t really need to visit swanky gyms to practice Yoga. Once you develop your skills in perfecting the asana (postures), you can practice Yoga right in your own home.

What are your thoughts on Yoga being considered as a spiritual practice versus Yoga for shaping the body?

Yoga for me is a lifetime commitment, once you have it in your system you will always find it there, it depends how deep the practice is.  Spiritual practice is a long journey to discover, it needs proper discipline, patience and deep practice unlike yoga for shaping the body, which is absolutely amazing and you can start doing it at anytime and see the results after few classes.  As long as you find peace and happiness with the practice you will be alright. The purpose of yoga is to find the “Balance of Life”. Yoga is about discovering and bringing the best out of you!!! Life is amazing, beautiful, lovely and full of surprises if you allow yourself to give it a try and you can always be a better you.

What tools do you think are essential for starting a yoga practice?

My key tools are patience, presence of mind, self discipline, allowing some changes to yourself, going out from your comfort zone, trying to never say never, have a goal/target, never surrendering, your own yoga mat, blocks, belt, towels, detox water and music.

In a class full of people, how do you strive to keep everyone engaged and motivated?

I usually separate the beginners, intermediate and advanced learners so I can easily show them the different variation and modified yoga poses. I start with laughing yoga, loosening the joints, warm up and some stretching. Being a good role model to my class is enough for them to feel motivated, as I show them the right steps and achieve and hold the poses for few seconds. Every day our muscles grow stiff due to long periods of inactivity and an hour’s practice thrice a week is the minimum necessary to do proper yoga and exercises.

How do you feel about yoga for children and seniors? Have you worked with them? How was the experience?

I have never had a dull day in my yoga profession, whether it is for children or seniors. Everybody in my class enjoys it here and is always smiling, laughing, and we really feel the good and positive energy throughout the class.  All my students have been motivated every day, even the kids from 4-10 years old.

What would be your message for those who really want to take up yoga lessons but are concerned with leaving in the middle?

It’s never too late. Give yourself a break and relax for at least 1 hour in your 24 hour schedule. We have time to watch movies, use our mobiles and gadgets, go out for coffee, etc.  Why not spending at least an hour for yourself that will give you good health so you can enjoy your life even when you grow older?  Yoga and fitness exercises are actually an investment for a good future. And if you are really interested, you can find a million ways to get to do it the right way.



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