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Henna for Eid

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Henna experts at JOZ SALON & SPA have introduced very exclusive and artistic designs and patterns of henna application, which are cherished by girls and women alike.

Types of Henna Design: 

There are many different styles of henna, depending on the cultural background they come from. The most famous ones are Arabic, Pakistani, African and Indian.

Pakistani and Indian Henna Style: The Pakistani and Indian henna style is very popular and diverse. Pakistani henna is known for its details and fine fill-ins.

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Arabic Henna Style: Arabic designs are much simpler, mostly consisting of leaves, veins, flowers etc. Another distinguishing feature of Arabic designs is that the shapes are not filled, they are just outlined.

African Henna Style: These henna designs are also not filled. They are simple geometric shapes, consisting of lines, squares and dots. A henna filled cone is used to apply henna designs. For a glamorous look, glitter is used to outline, fill and shade designs. “Kunden” and crystals can also be used.

Henna Tips

  • Do not use water when removing the dried henna. The paste should be scraped off and
    any stubborn bits can be removed using henna oil or olive oil.
  • Apply lemon juice with a pinch of sugar with cotton ball for a deeper colour.
  • When henna design is dried completely warm up your hands on clove smoke.
  • Once the henna starts to fall off, apply “Vicks VapoRub” on your hands.
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