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HH Shaikh Nasser AI R&D Centre by Dr Jassim Haji

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It is known that the Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the leading countries in the Middle East with the highest number of university graduates in Computer Science and human capital. Every year hundreds of young Bahraini men and women graduate from various universities in Bahrain and overseas with high Intelligence Quotient (IQ). As a result Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence in public and private sectors has more numbers of Bahraini nationals working in it than in other fields. Considering the high number of qualified  technology professionals here , Bahrain can attract Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Information Security companies to Bahrain,  especially Western and Asian companies, such as HP, SAP, IBM, Oracle, EMC, Dell, Huawei, TenCents, HickVision, Google, Apple, Cisco and others.

20 years ago our neighbors Dubai built a Silicon Valley outside main city called ‘Dubai Internet City’ which is currently the largest center for multi-national IT and related technology companies in the Middle East. Many of the companies take regional sales offices in the computing village. The Internet City of Dubai employs over three thousand professionals, who are mainly from Europe, Indian sub content, Far East and other non-GCC Arab nationals. The revenue and economic growth behind this project has been tremendous in terms of expatriate’s expenses, housing, travelling…etc. The Internet city also is a key factor behind the success of GITEX exhibitions, Dubai’ technological advances and its tourism development. 

We in Bahrain have a key differentiator to attract these giant companies to the kingdom and that is our qualified and experience professionals in the area of computing and AI. The young Bahraini graduate men and women are assets for any global corporation who can easily integrate these talented Bahraini’s in the GCC and Middle Eastern markets. Furthermore, Bahrain has strong Infrastructure facilities, Air transportation, Telecommunications and being a multi-lingual nation as a HUB to attract more of these companies to make Manama and Jaw as their regional offices for their Middle Eastern operations. Although some of them have very limited operations and activities in Bahrain and employ small number of Bahrainis, our aim would be to offer few thousand young Bahraini’s opportunities to shine in these companies for years to come.

HH Shaikh Nasser’s Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Centre have been established to consolidate all AI and innovation research in the country and aim to achieve the above goals of attracting multi-nationals to the kingdom. The centre is striving displaying achievements of Bahraini talents in R&D of AI through advanced innovative solutions. Furthermore, with support of universities, EDB, Tamkeen and major manufacturing companies the dream is not far to achieve.

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India-Bahrain: 50 Years of Modelling Civilisations

by Dr Jassim Haji

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