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HH Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Pioneer of Artificial Intelligence in the region

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Over the past few years, the Kingdom of Bahrain has made great and qualitative leaps in various economic, educational and technological fields, led by its leadership, regionally and globally, in the field of artificial intelligence and information technology. A field that is considered today one of the most important activities around the world, and attracts investments by major international companies, It is witnessing a state of competition, both at the governmental and private levels.

The Kingdom of Bahrain would not have enjoyed this distinguished position in this vital field, except with the support and popularization of this vital sector by state officials, in addition the ability of Bahraini youth whom excel and a have a deep desire for creativity and innovation.

His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, First Vice-President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, is considered the first and true supporter in the field of technology for many students. In addition to His Highness’s support for the category of people with disabilities through the “Science in Humanity” conference, as well as the “Techno for Disability” conference, where His Highness strives to enhance the capabilities of students of all groups and support them.

Here, we must remember what His Highness said during the inauguration of the first edition of the Khalid bin Hamad competition for innovation in artificial intelligence: “Our launch of our competition for artificial intelligence comes from our absolute belief in the importance of supporting education outputs to keep pace with Bahrain’s 2030 vision, thus enriching society and contributing to raising students’ capabilities. Bahraini’s, by creating the appropriate conditions for them to acquire more new scientific concepts and modern educational methods, which will develop their levels and make them able to give and develop the various societal sectors.”

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We recall all these achievements and all this support with the approaching establishment of the fourth edition of the Khalid bin Hamad Competition for Innovation in Artificial Intelligence under the slogan “Let’s Innovate for the Future”, which is organized by Bahrain Polytechnic in cooperation with partners, next March, As part of His Highness’s support for youth in the scientific and technical field. Moreover, providing a platform for students to develop their projects and ideas which eventually benefits the corporations in private and public sectors.

To enhance this distinguished role of Bahrain, the Kingdom has established, for the first time, an Artificial Intelligence Academy at Bahrain Technical College, as a step aimed at developing young professionals who will contribute in the future to the development of the economy and providing a platform for enhancing innovation and creativity capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence.

Today, the term artificial intelligence in Bahrain has become one of the most important concerns, at various levels and in all official and civil institutions in the fields of business and industry. As artificial intelligence technology is a pivotal pillar for much of the digital transformation that is taking place today, as organizations put themselves in a position to benefit from the quantity and the growing amount of data that is generated and collected.

The “Let’s Innovate for the Future” competition, which is held under the patronage and great support of His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, confirms that Bahrain is rich in creative youth with high capabilities and abilities and who love innovation, which contributes to the development of many areas that benefit and develop society.

His Highness’s vision extends to implementing Artificial Intelligence in Sports and that will be implemented under HH Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad patronage for the first ‘AI in Sports’ conference in the Middle East, which will be announced soon by General Sports Authority and tireless efforts of its CEO, Dr Abdulrahman bin Sad.

by Dr Jassim Haji

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