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HM King patronises Bahrain’s celebrations of its National Days

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His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa patronised, in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, the ceremony held at the Al-Sakhir Palace on the occasion of the kingdom’s National Days, in commemoration of the establishment of the modern Bahraini State as an Arab and Muslim state, founded by Ahmed Al Fateh in 1783, the anniversary of its full membership in the United Nations, and the anniversary of His Majesty the King’s Accession to the Throne.

On arrival at the Al-Sakhir Palace, the artillery fired 21 rounds to salute HM the King, who was accompanied by a constellation of cavalry.

The National Anthem was played, and some holy Quran verses were recited.

After that, HM King Hamad delivered the following keynote speech:

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“In the name of God, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate,

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon Prophet Mohammed and his family and companions,

Your Highnesses, Excellencies, Distinguished Guests,

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you,

This year’s glorious National Day arrives with its atmosphere full of joy on the return of our lives to their former state, thanks to God. Here, we meet you on this blessed day of our dear homeland, in the essence of its commemoration, which returns to us with good and affection, in the expansive glory of the Kingdom of Bahrain, whose civilisational achievements have, for over two centuries, continued to transcend among nations, through the giving of its people at all times and periods.

In fact, with every new commemoration of this day with its experiences and achievements, the more confidence we feel in our progress in building towards the goal of the advancement and prosperity of our honourable citizens, a matter to which our esteemed Government is committed, and for which it strives with determination and diligence.

In this regard, we must first commend the national endeavours being undertaken to achieve our ultimate goal to achieve good and prosperity for every citizen, and we refer, in this context, to the results of the Economic Recovery Plan, whose positive impact extends to all sectors of development. We are proud of the active role of financial and economic support programmes, particularly in facing the economic and health difficulties, and we direct raising their efficiency and enhancing equitable access to them, by considering their effectiveness and great benefit to living standards.

Here, we express our satisfaction with what has been achieved in meeting the housing needs of the Bahraini family, commending the record government achievement, and emphasising in this regard the need to continue development plans for the housing sector with their innovative solutions and vast investments, in partnership with the private sector, to ensure decent and suitable housing for citizens.

In the context of its priorities, our country continues to preserve and protect human rights under the auspices of its independent legal institutions, and among the results of those efforts is the comprehensive programme of alternative sanctions and measures, which we are keen to realise given its noble objectives of giving its beneficiaries new hope for the stability of their families, and for a promising future of giving and contributing to the building of their society.

Brothers and sisters, on such a special occasion that brings us together with you today, it gives us pleasure to celebrate the pioneers of national action, from the sons and daughters of our dear nation, in honour of their efforts, and in recognition of their outstanding services, which we greatly appreciate, and we will not find a more remarkable day in the life of the country to express to them pride in their leadership and excellence, and to thank them for giving this day its most beautiful meaning.

May God grant you all success, and may the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.”

Then, HM the King conferred medals on national work pioneers.

After that, Kefaya Habib Al-Anzoor, delivered a statement on behalf of the honourees in which she expressed deepest pride in HM the King’s patronage of the auspicious National Days, and honouring of national work pioneers.

She asserted that the annual honouring of the distinguished national work pioneers is an impetus for them to be more dedicated in serving the nation and raising its flags at all international gatherings so that Bahrain always remains at the top across various fields.

She lauded the historic wide-ranging achievements attained by the kingdom during HM King Hamad’s prosperous era, noting that the precious royal honouring is a source of pride, and that it motivates everyone to do their utmost to be more dedicated to serving the homeland.

She affirmed that the kingdom’HM the King’s patronage of the honouring of military and civilian national work pioneers will optimise the kingdom’s accomplishments, noting that thanks to the constant royal support and forward-looking vision, Bahrainis have brought about unprecedented achievements in the scientific, cultural and youth fields, locally and abroad. 

She extended deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude to HM the King for honouring national work pioneers on this cherished national occasion.

She also extended sincere congratulations to HM King Hamad on the glorious National Days, wishing HM the King abundant health, happiness and long life.

The honouree list included: 

–     Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa

–     Faeqa bint Saeed Al-Saleh

–     Ali bin Mohammed Al-Romaihi

–     Ayman bin Tawfiq Al-Moayyed

–     Shaikh Hesham bin Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa

–     Eman Ahmed Al-Dossari

–     Osama Saleh Al-Alawi

–     Major-General Mohammad Abdulla Al-Noaimi

–     Brigadier-General Fahd Mohammed Al-Humaidan Al-Najdi

–     Brigadier-General Dr. Hassan Mohammad Noor

–     Brigadier-General Mohammed bin Mohammed bin Dinah

–     Colonel Tariq Ahmed Ali Al-Buflasa

–     Warrant Officer Ahmed Mohammad Ali Mohammad

–     Abdulla Jehad Abdulla Al-Zain

–     Faisal Mohammed Hassan Al-Mahroos

–     Ghassan Ali Muhanna Mohammed Al-Muhanna

–     Mark Joseph Thomas

–     Mazen Mohammed Ahmad Mattar

–     Ahmed Yousif Talib Abdulghani

–     Abdulla Ali Al-Binkhalil

–     Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed Mustafa

–     Nawaf Abdulla Hamza

–     Shaikha Mariam bint Abdulwahhab Al Khalifa

–     Chancellor Rashid Mohammed Bu Najma

–     Abdulla Khalid Ahmed Al-Nassar Al-Dossari

–     Mohammed Khalid Al-Fadhala

–     Hamad Ali Al-Mannai

–     Ambassador Ali Jassim Al-Aradi

–     Nada Ahmed Mustafa

–     Adnan Abdulwahhab Eshaq

–     Kefaya Habib Al-Anzoor

–     Akbar Jassim Ashour

–     Ziyad Adel Darwish

–     Fatima Abdulghani Ismail

–     Amna Ali Al-Arrayad

–     Huda Mirza Abbas Al-Salman

–     Mohammad Yusif Al-Binfalah

–     Ramzi Raisan Al-Badran

–     Najlaa Mohammed Qassim Al-Shirawi

–     Dr. Haitham Ali Jahrami

–     Dr. Abdulla Mohammed Al-Khan

–     Badriya Jassim Al-Kuwaiti

–     Marwan Fuad Salman Kamal

–     Alia Ali Al-Aali

–     Mustafa Aqeel Al-Shaikh

–     Lama Abbas Saeed Al Mahrous

–     Abdulhussain Ibrahim Isa

–     Beshara Abdo Beshara

–     Hanan Ibrahim Al Emadi

–     Mohammed Salman Makki Habib

–     Ahmed Abdulghani Isa Ahmed Madan

–     Nabeel Abdulrahman Ajur

–     Hussain Jassim Mohammed Ali Al-Sakran

–     Khalifa Yacub Yousif Al-Amer

–     Mohammed Jassim Al-Amer.

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