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Hope Ventures Concludes Beban with over USD 1,000,000 in Total Investments

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Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund, witnessed over USD 1,000,000 worth of investments deployed across five deals during the first season of its Beban TV show. The investments were made jointly between Hope Ventures and multiple investors from the private sector.

The five deals, encompassing businesses across the three sectors of technology, food and beverage, and manufacturing, were made based on scalability potential, business value proposition, business traction, and team capabilities.

All business founders who took part in Beban came to benefit from the show. A number of businesses walked away with investment offers, and some received other opportunities to support the growth of their businesses, such as advance orders worth USD 120,000 made by investors who purchased products from businesses, closing significant deals.

Entrepreneurs additionally gained access to unique business opportunities with professionals in the field through training and mentorship from sector experts. The show saw the dissemination of over USD 85,000 worth of perks, courtesy of seven partners, who provided complementary training, logistics, and marketing services to accelerate the growth of the businesses within and beyond Bahrain. 

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His Excellency, Aymen bin Tawfeeq Almoayed, Minister of Youth and Sport Affairs and Chairman of Hope Fund, said: “Beban has left a powerful impact and impressed the Arab world, as it showcased the competencies, talents and capabilities of Bahraini youth in the entrepreneurship sector. The show served to reflect their ambition and their ability to compete and excel globally in various aspects and fields, including the field of trade and entrepreneurship. We commend the entrepreneurs who took part in the show, acting as an inspirational model for creativity and innovation as they set out to achieve their goals. Through Beban, we seek to have a positive impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Kingdom, by supporting promising businesses to achieve regional and global growth, while securing rewarding returns for project owners and investors alike.”

Hope Ventures’ General Manager, Fajer Alpachachi, reflected on the show’s outcome, saying: “Through Beban, Bahrain’s portfolio of inspirational businesses has been brought to the forefront, showcasing their incredible potential and hard work. We are proud of all the entrepreneurs who have been able to pitch their concepts to a panel of professionals in their respective fields, gain valuable insight, and incentivize investments from both sector and regional investors.”

“Through the dedication and resilience exhibited by the participating entrepreneurs, businesses in Bahrain are on their way to becoming global competitors. The first season of Beban is the beginning of our efforts towards paving the way for future investments in the Kingdom’s businesses and its up-and-coming entrepreneurs.”

With the end of its first season, Beban recently announced that it has begun accepting applications for its upcoming second season, providing more entrepreneurs with potential investment and growth opportunities.

If you are an established business with a global vision for expansion, apply to the second season of Beban through Hopefund.bh for the chance to pitch to a panel of investors.

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