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Hope Ventures Introduces ‘HQ,’ Bahrain’s Largest Co-Working Space in Partnership with Real Estate Partners Seef Properties

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Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund, introduces its co-working space “HQ” in partnership with real estate partners Seef Properties.

HQ, owned and operated by Hope Ventures, will act as the actual headquarters that bring together entrepreneurs, investors, partners, legislators, and government representatives all in one space, creating a network and community that boosts opportunity facilitation in the Kingdom of Bahrain and enables local companies to scale internationally while easing international companies’ access to Bahrain.

Through HQ, tenants will benefit from flexible workspace solutions that foster creativity and increase productivity while providing them with easier access to a diverse network of quality-caliber talents.

HQ is pipelined to officially open to welcome tenants starting September of this year in Seef Mall – Seef District, in close proximity to key services, and will comprise a total area of 1,085 square meters.

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Commenting on HQ’s name reveal, Fajer Saleh Al Pachachi, General Manager at Hope Ventures, said: “We are thrilled to be announcing HQ as the name of our co-working space. HQ represents the ‘Head Quarters,’ of the businesses situated in the space, including Hope Quarters, which will also be Headquartered within the same premise. We aspire to build a community space where companies can engage and flourish through knowledge-share and network building. “

She added: “When you create an entrepreneurship community that brings together all stakeholders, ideas are bound to be born, achievements are certain, and hope becomes an inevitable reality. Our efforts as Hope have always been focused on opportunity facilitation, and through our partnership with Seef Properties to enable the physical infrastructure of HQ; we will have a physical space to encourage those opportunities to happen. We are excited to begin welcoming everyone in September, and we encourage them to visit our website my-hq.me to book their space and become a part of our growing community.”

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf, Chief Executive Officer at Seef Properties, stated: “We are delighted with this fruitful partnership with Hope Ventures. Launching this innovative initiative will certainly support the sustainable development process in the Kingdom and contribute to the national economy by creating prominent job opportunities for ambitious Bahraini youth and attracting more investments to the local market.”

Mr. Yusuf added: “This initiative stems from Seef Properties’ constant commitment to support all national programs and efforts aimed at accelerating the growth of the national economy and stimulating innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship, especially among the youth. This approach embodies the Company’s patriotic sense and reflects the remarkable contributions it makes to the business community in a way that advances the comprehensive development process of the Kingdom.”

Interested in becoming a part of Hope’s community? Visit my-hq.me to book your spot and get more information about the space.

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