Tuesday, January 19, 2021

How does thermal insulation in buildings help us?

The materials used for thermal insulation in buildings have the capability of reducing heat transfer from the outside to the inside of the building during summer and from inside to outside during winter.

The advantages of using Thermal Insulation in buildings are:

l Reduces electricity consumption up to 30%..

l Reduces cooling capacity needed by air conditioners.

l Protects the building material and helps on extending the building life.

l Protects the furniture and internal decoration of the building.

l Improves the comfort level inside the building.

l Protects the house from outside noise.

How do we thermally insulate buildings?

For walls:

l Insulate Blocks: similar to normal blocks but the insulating material is inserted in the block.

l Aerated Autoclaved Block: made from lightweight insulating material.

l External Insulation: insulating material is fixed with walls from outside.

l Internal Insulation: insulating material is fixed on walls from inside.

l Double Wall: Insulating materials
is inserted between the two walls.
(Cavity wa

For roofs:

l Polystyrene Boards: semi solid materials made in the form of boards.

l Polyurethane: semi solid material easy to shape.

l Fiberglass and material wool.

It is important that Thermal Insulation systems are installed properly under expert supervision in order to get the expected results.

Using Thermal Insulation in buildings is good for the environment. It helps in reducing the environmental pollution. Thermal Insulation reduces the demand of electricity for cooling thus reducing the amount of polluting gases produced by the power plants into the atmosphere.

For more tips, visit http://www.actnowbh.org/


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