How to Blow Dry Your Hair Without Getting Damaged

Woman with blow dryer

This week we bring you the continuation of the last week’s Joz Salon & Spa column on how to Blow Dry Your hair without damaging it

Blow Drying your Hair

Separate your hair into sections. You don’t need to physically separate your hair, but at least mentally plan out how to plan to dry your hair. You might begin with the hair on the left side of your face and work around the back to the right, or you might begin with the bottom layer of your hair and work your way to the outer layer

Begin blow drying your hair at a low temperature. Make sure to work your way through the hair sections you mapped out in the previous step. Work through your hair until it’s about 40% dry.

  • Massage your hair at the roots to encourage it to take on volume.
  • Flip your hair upside down by bending forward, and direct the air flow at the back of your head to more easily dry the bottom layer of your hair.

Attach the diffuser to your blow dryer. This will help spread the more intense heat over a larger area, in turn reducing the damage.

Continue blowdrying your hair on medium or high heat. A good way to use a diffuser is to drop your hair into its fingers and letting the air blow up through to the roots.

  • Continue this until your hair is about 90% dry
  • Let your hair cool back down. Cooling your hair back to a normal temperature keeps it from getting frizzy, and also feels great on your skin after you just blasted yourself with hot air for a while.
  • Flip the heat setting on your dryer to cool, or use the frost-boost button if your model of dryer has one.
  • Run the cool air through your hair until it is cool.
  • Allow it to air dry the rest of the way.