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How to Care for Micro Braids

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Micro Braids, also known as mini-braids or invisible braids, is a popular hairstyle for many black women and some men as well. Many consider these braids to be high-maintenance, with importance placed on the care for micro braids not only while you have the braids, but also before getting the braids and after removing the braids.

Caring for Hair Prior to Micro Braiding

Determine if your hair is healthy enough for micro braiding. If hair already has damage, then you should concentrate on making it as healthy as possible first.

Get a hot oil treatment to help moisturize your hair and replenish damaged hair. Performing this treatment once a week for several weeks prior to getting your braids is a common recommendation for healthier hair from the start.

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Moisturize your hair by using a deep conditioner from label.m, again to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible before braiding.

Trim the ends of your hair to get rid of any split ends that might exist. After your trim, make sure your hair is long enough for micro braiding.

Shampoo and Condition your hair thoroughly before getting your micro braids done.

Caring for Hair While Micro Braided

Follow the hair care advice received from your stylist and if you have any questions, be sure you fully understand how to care for micro braids both while you have them and after they’re removed.

Wash your hair and scalp regularly with the proper shampoo for your hair type, and always use conditioner while your hair is micro braided.

Many stylist recommend waiting four weeks before the first washing, and then washing and conditioning at least once a week while you have your micro braids.

Spray on a light leave-in conditioner from label.m, braid spray or hair oil to keep the micro braided hair moisturized. Use enough so that the hair doesn’t feel brittle or dry when you touch it.

Utilize a light scalp conditioner from label.m, especially around the edges of the scalp where the most damage can occur when hair is micro braided.

You can also use Aloe Vera gel, olive oil, liquid vitamin E or products containing these liquids to keep the scalp well lubricated.

Be careful not to use a heavy conditioner that can cause a flaky scalp, which is hard to treat when hair is micro braided.

Visit your stylist or a salon professional if necessary to help maintain your braids or if you feel that damage or breakage has occurred.

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