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How To Keep Your Blonde Hair Glowing

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Whether you’ve recently joined the blonde tour age or have been “having more fun” since birth, light-haired ladies know how hard it is to maintain just the right shade of blonde. A couple wrong turns and your hue can turn orange or brassy, a far cry from the flaxen perfection that your stylist gave you. The fact is, blonde hair is more sensitive to products, heat tools, and the sun, which is why it is so important to choose the right routine and styling tips for your particular color. Take note of these tips to maintaining beautifully blonde hair.

Protect before You Style

As sunscreen is to your skin, UV and thermal protection should be to your hair. Due to intense processing, blonde hair is more fragile than other colors, so be sure to protect it before causing potential damage, whether you’re heading to the beach or using your favorite heat tool. Use a heat protector.

Go Violet

Did you know that the best way to kill brassiness is with a bright violet shampoo or conditioner? That’s because purple is the opposite of orange on the color wheel, so having violet pigments in [your] products cancels out brassy tones in blonde hair—yes, it is exactly like color correcting your strands.

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Cleanse with Care

The ingredients in your shampoo are just as important as its color. Because color-treated blonde hair is so fragile, you’ll want to stay away from color- and moisture-stripping sulfates and parabens. Instead, look for brightening ingredients like chamomile to enhance your hue. When lathering up, use just a little bit of shampoo and be gentle. You wouldn’t scrub your delicate skin harshly, so why do that when washing your hair?

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