When winter arrives here are a few ways you can help them in the short term and in future

Moisturiser for dry skin

Moisturiser is particularly important in the winter, particularly for the hands, face and feet. You might also benefit from using a soft facial serum, which helps skin feel silkier by replenishing its natural moisture. Nourishing mask treatments might also help return moisture to particularly dry faces.

Long term skincare tips

Moisturising is an essential part of keeping dry skin at bay, but there are several other steps you could suggest your clients take. Remaining hydrated, for example, is paramount: encourage regular water drinking to keep skin hydrated from the inside. Choosing a daily moisturiser with SPF is also important, even in the winter: that’s because the sun’s rays contribute significantly to drying and ageing skin, so wearing at least SPF 15 can help combat this.

You should also exfoliate regularly using exfoliating gloves to eliminate dead skin cells before using a thick moisturiser or nourishing oil. It is also a good idea to swap your razor for warm wax or an epilator to minimise skin irritation.