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Summit will discuss the impact of technology on changing the way human resources management in the Middle East

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With the increasing regional focus on empowering smart services became necessary to utilize the functions of human resources technology to push the development of human capital and organizational performance, but there is a potential obstacle to the adoption of IT human resources is to choose the wrong technology or application the wrong way in some business organizations that result from the lack of understanding of the Organization requirements clearly, this is what he referred to Stewart and boil, director of the Advisory section of IT human resources in the company, “Willis Towers Watson,” a gold sponsor of the summit of the second annual HR technology to be held in Dubai on May 18 and 19, 2016.

He and boil with respect to institutions that seek mostly to questions about their policies and strategies put forward and how to prepare for the automation of its operations and the tendency to change and change management and employee engagement, “it’s easy to get caught up in the latest technological innovations and lose sight of the fundamental value that supposed to be achieved by the Human Resources , Vtknulogia good human resources are much more than just a tool we use, and the difference between a successful iT projects, human resources and the other is that failed often. things that are overlooked and important questions that have not posed by the company concerning the appropriate technology. “

HR technology has become for the time being able to be applied to intelligent systems and large data analysis and contains the functions of movement and “Altalab” – the application of elements of the game process and mechanisms of action in contexts other areas not related to games such as marketing, business, media and education – for example, , that the direction of big data in the HR function is useful for analysis and study of the composition of the current staff and visualize the needs and expectations of the labor force in the future in different models of companies. However, Mr. Wigley warned again of this trend, saying, “While there are many distinctive tools that can analyze human resources data, but the large data considered useless that has been interpreted incorrectly, so the issue is requires a good experience raises questions about the appropriate data and therefore draw the right conclusions. “

Another trend in the field of human resources technology is a preference for the use of “software as a service” (SaaS) model mainly in private business for providers of human resources technology services for its advantages for both the seller and the customer. And the fact that concerns about data privacy and protection to be taken seriously, working human resource technology such as “Willis Towers Watson” service providers to offer unprecedented levels of transparency and flexibility.

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Speaking more on human resources technology trends, Mr. and boil to the rapid expansion of this technology even got to mobile systems, which can be accessed from any device, “When employees use laptops with touch screens or upon their use of PCs with keyboards do not really represent noted principle Alantmh mobile, Veduat smart human resource technology such as gate “Willis Towers Watson” human resources using a concept called “responsive design” adapts to the device that runs it and runs on adjust the width of the tool automatically so you do not require downloaded from the app store, does not lead to inconsistencies in the way it works no matter how different setups. “

In general HR Technology Trends considered as a means to change the way the practice of Human Resource Management as a disciplinarian, commented boil “There are great opportunities to use technology to change the way they communicate through which employees with the human resources department, Fbwabat human resources, for example, combines human resources and content policies and high ratings customization, it’s also able to integration, documentation management, through full customer iT human resources scene, and the result is a function of more efficient human resource and staffing more closely. “

Many organizations are still investing in human resources, technology and exposed these trends in the Middle East despite the economic climate, so Mr. and boil on the need to make informed decisions, “regardless of the area of a particular technology, both of the performance management to human resources portals stressed, must there is a working condition and clear for change. in any case the conditions of the economic climate, smart investments will be undertaken by organizations that can identify and explain the benefits of what you buy. “

Regarding the participation in the summit of the Human Resources Technology commented boil “We are proud to be Gold Sponsor at the top of HR technology in 2016, it was the first annual summit last year featured the initiative to communicate and exchange information, so we are looking forward to the second annual summit to be bigger and more successful.”

“Que said any International” company organized the second annual summit of technology and human resources, issued exclusive invitations to more than 250 people from the upper departments staff in the departments of human resources and information technology sectors of government and the institutions of the state and the private sector and the public to attend the summit to be held on May 18 and 19, 2016 in one of Dubai’s luxury hotels.

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