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ICRF Honors Workers with Silver Screen Experience on International Labour Day

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As a part of the Labour Day celebrations, the Indian Community Relief Fund (ICRF) orchestrated a special Silver Screen experience at Dana Mall, Sanabis, bringing together approximately 300 workers from various sectors, including a notable representation of female house helps. This initiative, marking a milestone in ICRF’s Silver Jubilee year activities, aimed to not only entertain but also recognize the relentless dedication of these individuals.

The event, held on the occasion of International Labour Day, unfolded at two theaters within Dana Mall, thanks to the collaborative efforts of key partners such as Lulu Care, Epix Cinema, and Dana Mall. Dr. Babu Ramachandran, Chairman of ICRF, extended gratitude to Mr. Juzer Rupawala, Regional Director of Lulu Group, for his instrumental support in realizing this innovative celebration.

Commencing at 9:30 am, the event kicked off with the screening of a movie inaugurated by Mr. Hussain Al Hussaini, Safety Inspector at the Ministry of Labour, in the presence of ICRF members. Each participant was treated to popcorn, juice, and water throughout the screening, ensuring a delightful and comfortable experience.

The inclusivity of the event was underscored by the diverse group of attendees, including a substantial number of female house helps, whose contributions were duly acknowledged. At the conclusion of the movie, all attendees were provided with food packets, extending the gesture of appreciation beyond the cinema halls.

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Reflecting on the success of the event, Dr. Babu Ramachandran emphasized the importance of collective efforts in recognizing and uplifting the labor force, highlighting the collaborative spirit demonstrated by key partners.

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