ICT Governance Committee discusses efforts to develop Education Portal (eduNET)

ICTCG improves Educational Portal eduNET
Mr Mohammed Ali Al Qaed – iGA Chief Executive

The ICT Governance Committee (ICTGC) held its 33rd meeting Chaired by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) Chief Executive, Mohammed Ali Al Qaed to discuss latest developments, including the operational budgets of different government entities and the enhancement of online education programs for schools and universities. The meeting included a presentation on the education portal (eduNET) showcasing joint efforts by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to implement the digital transformation in the education sector and efforts exerted in developing the portal and hosting it via the cloud cloud computing platform.

The latest eServices offered via the eduNET portal were covered in the discussions, including interactive and other technical features aimed at fully integrating the portal with the systems users, including students, their parents, teachers, the management teams of educational institutions, and the Ministry’s of Education (MOE) various departments. The committee praised the MOE’s prominent role in enhancing the education portal eduNet.

Options were discussed to improve educational services, including a recommendation by the committee to look into solutions currently available in the market for inclusion in the portal, such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.

The committee also reviewed procurement requests worth more than BD1.5 million by different government entities. Most notable of among these was a proposal to develop government systems and applications for the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism’s Sijilat commercial registration system and the renewal of program licenses and deployment of communication services for several other government entities.

The committee utilized the Microsoft Teams application to enable remote attendance for some of the committee members including HH Sh. Salman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa and Maha Mufeez to easen conducting meetings remotely