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Your Identity Card.. Now delivered to your doorstep!

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With newly simplified, user-friendly design; a bundle of ID services have been launched by the Information & eGovernment Authority to facilitate public services to citizens and residents on the national portal (Bahrain.bh).

What’s new?… Keeping in mind the utilization of the latest modern technologies and easing accessibility to the public, the authority launched the revamped services with new features developed to complete a range of government transactions.

What distinguishes this bundle is the time and effort these services save to speed the issuance of the ID Card which can be accomplished and paid using your smartphone after selecting the delivery method either to personally receive it or through the post office by specifying address of the recipient. The card can be delivered to your resident, job premises or any address you desire within a period that does not exceed three working days via post or within 24 business hours if picking-up from any iGA branch. Some of the new features also include the development of the displayed interface to suit various smart devices for an easy-to-use experience, allowing of applicants to track the card (at the post office) by the given tracking number together with the availability of editing the attached personal photo to reduce number of rejected applications which result from a fault in the attached photo – initiated by acknowledging applicants with the status of their application via email and SMS. Moreover, users are now able to view appointments and set their time according to their suitable time and date. An email, which can be saved in their smart phone calendar, is sent to remind them of the appointment.

Most of the services offered in iGA branches are included in Bahrain.bh. This bundle of services comprise Children Below 4 years Issuance, Domestic Workers Issuance, ID Card Renewal, Replace Lost or Damaged, New-born Distinctive ID Issuance along with Booking and Enquiring Appointments.

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The authority will also be launching comprehensive ID services in the future to enable head of families to view, renew and complete numerous ID cards services for their family members along with additional features for clearing agents as well as allowing customers to update data within the electronic chip through the 35 kiosks that are distributed around the country.

To view the latest updates and become introduced to authority’s bundle of services, you can follow iGA’s social media accounts @iGABahrain or visit the eGovernment National Portal at Bahrain.bh.

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