The technology startup industry is full of companies declaring that they are the equivalent of [insert hyper-successful company] but for another segment. I must get a pitch a day from a company telling me that they’re “the Uber of farming,” “the AirBnB of pharmaceuticals” or the “Netflix of particle acceleration.” Often these claims are little more than an attempt to position an average startup as being something heroic and massively important.

The latest example of this comes from a company that is just launching what it suggests will be the “Slack of Healthcare.” For those not aware, Slack is an incredibly successful tool that is built around collaboration. Think of a Twitter-like tool that can be used with private groups and you get the drift. Slack is something of an outlier — it has come from nowhere to capture massive numbers of users and a commensurately massive valuation. But along with that valuation goes a raft of companies wanting to leverage some of that massive-ness for their own gains.

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