In an initiative that serves decision and policy makers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) announced the launch of the Labour Force Survey 2018 in Bahrain – in accordance with international statistical standards – to measure the size of the local and foreign labour forces along with level of production and activities promoting the national economic growth to achieve the Vision 2030 goals.

The survey aims at providing data to calculate a set of indicators on the size of local and foreign labour forces classified according to their population, social and economic features that contribute in determining priorities of upcoming strategic plans in all economic sectors.

The Authority confirmed the importance of statistics relevant to the labor market comprising the indicators necessary standards of distributing International Monetary Fund data along with International Labour Organization (ILO) indicators that cover the requirements of the Sustainable Development Goals indexes. Furthermore, iGA urges all targeted samples, citizens and residents, to constructively cooperate with the survey team in order to achieve the desired objectives and ensure continuous flow of updated, high-quality data that are in accordance with international standards.

The survey aims at measuring unemployment, employment, participation, economic dependency and wages according to several variations. It also aims at providing data on training programs for job seekers and identifying their past experiences, unemployment and employment data according to their specializations and qualifications. In addition to identifying occupational structure and economic activity for employees as per a number of variables including average of annual salaries. Moreover, provide data on average number of weekly actual working hours according to job requirements and needs. The survey also aims at providing a set of updated data on labour market statistics to decision-makers, public and private sectors, researchers, regional and international organizations.

The Authority had previously organized a training course for field work team that comprises of 27 iGA employees – working in Statistics – who have conducted several field surveys in the past. The course had introduced them to the survey methodology and mechanism of entering precise data as well as confidentiality of attained information.