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iGA launches the Cloud Infrastructure development project in the data Center hosting the authority’s government systems

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– Dr. Khaled Al-Mutawah: The project will contribute to the modernization of the infrastructure and business continuity for the government services within iGA’s cloud computing environment.

– Kingdom of Bahrain is the first country in the region to implement a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solution for the government.

The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) launched a project to develop and modernize the infrastructure of its private data centre. The objective is to enhance the ability of hosting government systems and services, in addition to scaling for future growth in iGA and enhancing the business continuity for government services within the internal cloud computing environment of the authority.

The project comes as part of the Information & eGovernment Authority strategy and direction to employ modern and advanced technologies, , and harness it in a way that contributes to the development of a society based on data and information. Moreover, the project aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government systems and services by supporting the development process and further reducing operational costs,

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Through this project the authority aims to enhance direct response during emergency situations via the established Data Centre for disaster recovery, in addition to its development of a national system for backup as part of its continuous efforts to ensure smooth business continuity of the government data network

On this occasion, Dr. Khaled Al-Mutawah, Deputy Chief Executive for Operations & Governanceat iGA affirmed that the launch of this project crystallizes the national initiatives, and the economic recovery plan. This is in addition to raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of the government services, enhancing its quality and providing it within a safe and sustainable environment, in line with priorities of the government Action Plan, the Economic Recovery Plan and the fiscal balance program.

Dr. Al-Mutaweh also explained that with the implementation of this project, the Kingdom of Bahrain will be the first country in the region to implement the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud system in the government sector, pointing to several advantages achieved as a result of activating this project. Some of the benefits are the provision and creation of an internal environment through which the systems are hosted as services in the internal cloud computing environment of iGA’s data center (Private Hosting) managed by iGA’s team, while the role of the company, VMware, will be limited to carrying out the modernization of the center’s infrastructure, supervising its operation, and performing periodic maintenance. He stressed that this would have great impact of achieving this in maintaining business continuity and ensuring its operation and 99.9% availability of government systems, especially in periods of emergencies and disasters, as well as reducing operational costs.

The launch of this project comes as a result of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s leadership directives and support towards the digital transformation and its adoption as the first pioneering country to implement such a trend in the region, realizing cloud computing initiatives that is in line with the Kingdom’s direction towards harnessing the technologies and advantages provided by modern systems.

For his part, Mr. Saif Mashat, General Manager of VMware in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen said: “The infrastructure modernization project for the authority’s data center to host government systems in partnership with “VMware” confirms the power of multi-cloud and its ability to enhance innovation in the government services sector through the use of hardware and technical equipment with high efficiency, providing unprecedented levels of flexibility and innovation. We at VMware look forward to working with the Information & eGovernment Authority, in order to ensure business continuity, especially in times of emergencies and disasters, as well as reduce operational costs.”

This came during the inauguration ceremony that was held on this occasion at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in the presence of ICT executives from both the public and private sector Government’s IT Directors and senior officials field along with the executive management of the American company “VMware”, the leading American company in the field of providing multi cloud and hybrid cloud computing services, which is concerned with the implementation of this project within the agreement concluded with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It is worth noting that this project is among the initiatives and projects that the iGA is working on implementing in cooperation with the private sector and specialized and leading international companies in the field of technology, in order to provide high-quality services by moving towards the principle of multi-cloud computing based on hosting government systems and services on Amazon web Services (AWS) and hosting government systems and services in the Authority’s data center on the Authority’s cloud (VMware), as well as previously hosted services via Microsoft’s cloud (such as e-mail and user files).

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