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I’m Expecting A YES!

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There are a lot of quotes on expectations like “expect the best and prepare for the worst”, “expectations kill” and so on… .There are expectations everywhere. It’s good when things turn out just the way you want; but what happens when you expect something and it just doesn’t happen? It hurts.
This week, we take a look at what expectations are, how they affect our daily routine and relationships, and also how expectations can be controlled by ourself.
Now, expectations are something nobody can control. What are expectations?
It is a feeling or a strong belief that something will happen or be the case. Let’s take an example you are going for a job interview, everything seems good. You’ve got good remarks from the interviewer. You go back home with good expectations. You EXPECT to get the job; like “Oh it’s a piece of cake!” But weeks pass and you don’t receive a call. What happens? You feel hurt, you start over-thinking, and you run out of ideas. Meanwhile, you neglect the fact that you should not wait and start looking for another opportunity. That is exactly how having expectations harm you.
Expectations of the community and society we are all part of can also take their toll on us. “Oh you must get into the best of universities!”, or “Look at her! Why is she with him? Surely she deserves better!” Try as you might, it’s impossible to stop your elders and peers expecting things of you. Let’s look at a few basic habits we must adopt for us to be a little more happier than we are.
– When you are approaching an opportunity regarding work, relationships,
parents etc. always keep in mind that “Whatever happens will happen for the good and everything will be alright”. When you keep this in mind, you will restrict your expectations then and there.
– Nobody can stop expecting all of a sudden, but you can try. Never give up! If your expectations are dashed today, tomorrow is a new day for you to do better to keep up to those expectations. – Don’t bother about what people expect from you. Once that starts
happening, you will never think for yourself. Nobody deserves to expect anything from you. They don’t know your capability neither the hard work you put into things you do. That’s all for this week regarding our topic expectations. Next week BTW will come up with the most common habit of the people – over-thinking. Watch out!

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