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In the True Spirit of Ramadan

Legal and General Gulf CSR initiative

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This is the holy month of Ramadan; the most important and precious month in the Islamic Hijri calendar. Fasting during this month, as preached by the Almighty Allah is believed to purify one’s spirit and free them from their sins. Charity and generosity are specially encouraged during Ramadan, as that completes the purpose of the fast observed during this period.

In the true spirit of the holy month, six employees of Legal & General Gulf visited the National Bank of Bahrain Home for Elderly as part of the company’s ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

The team, including Zahra Al Mutawa, Elias Shaker, Ali Al Najjar, Farah Monfaridy, Abbas Fadhel and Aalaa Haji participated in activities with the elderly men and women of our society.

The various activities saw the elders sharing their vast knowledge gained over their years on diverse topics – from Bahrain’s heritage and culture to pottery and painting. When asked about their experience, Ali Al Najjar replied, “It was a great experience and I encourage others to visit such societies.” As for Farah Monfaridy, she said that, “The experience opened my eyes and made me appreciate my parents and grandparents more and I wish to spend more quality time with them.” Abbas Fadhel also added, “It was a goodexperience for both, us and the seniors as I felt that they happily welcomed the change to their daily routine.”

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The head of NBB Home for Elderly, Haifa Al Durazi expressed her thanks to Legal & General Gulf for their donations and their engaging visit, and wished the company all the best in its future CSR events. Legal & General Gulf and its employees believe that an integral part of being a successful life insurance company is being socially responsible and involved in the community. To support these beliefs the organisation has always shown their commitment towards supporting the environment and extending their support to the less fortunate and disadvantaged in our society.

The team also extended special thanks to the National Bank of Bahrain Home for Elderly for giving them the opportunity to meet and interact with the elders who have played a vital role
in shaping our past and now guide us to the future.

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