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Infracorp and BIBF join hands to launch Executive Training Programme in Project Management and Sustainability

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Infracorp, a pioneer in sustainable infrastructure, has signed with the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), the region’s premiere training and development provider, to launch the Sustainable Development Programme next May for university graduates, which includes on-the-job training in the fields of investment and developing sustainable infrastructure assets and environment.

The programme will include theoretical and practical training delivered by experts and practitioners in the field, and will be available to fresh university graduates from Bahraini or international universities, in addition to BIBF students.

The programme, which aims to contribute to achieving Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 by developing young sustainability leaders to support the integration of ​​sustainability into the Kingdom’s various sectors while also contributing to Infracorp’s sustainability projects and initiatives, will create a skilled workforce for sustaining the country’s infrastructure and real estate sectors to meet the needs of local and regional markets.

The programme will include a set of lectures, workshops and various practical applications that include various topics in sustainability, such as Teamwork and Collaboration, Sustainable Development Mindset, Sustainability Framework, Sustainability Applications in Banks and Real Estate Development, Project Management, Zero Neutrality and Circular Economy, Technological Changes and Sustainability, and Sustainable Solutions for Organizations. The programme will end with a hackathon to identify candidates for training opportunities within Infracorp.

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This programme stems from the BIBF’s belief in the importance of partnering with various local and international institutions to integrate the theoretical knowledge of graduates with practical application, through providing them with real training opportunities in the best and largest institutions operating in various sectors.

The opportunity will be available to all university graduates, where universities will be nominating their students, that will undergo specific assessments by the BIBF to select the best-fit candidates.

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