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INJAZ Al-Arab/JA MENA, a member of Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide, the world’s largest non-profit business education organization, has announced the launch of its Youth Entrepreneurship Celebration for 2020. To kick-start the celebratory journey for ambitious students within the region, INJAZ Al-Arab is collaborating with key strategic partners to provide students with valuable skill enhancement sessions as part of a unique learning experience. The latest inclusion to the JA flagship Company Program, was the ‘INJAZ Entrepreneurship Ecosystem’, that aims to introduce and provide students with another layer of one on one mentorship across a wide range of practical business topics.

Launched in 2007, the INJAZ Al-Arab Youth Entrepreneurship Celebration is the culmination of six months of experiential learning and application for students in the MENA region who participated in and won the internationally acclaimed INJAZ National Company Program in their respective countries. This year, 100 students will have the opportunity to access useful training from leading professionals in the region. The process will equip students with hands-on business skills and inspire them to set up and run their own entrepreneurial companies, and ultimately be the leaders of tomorrow.

The ‘INJAZ Entrepreneurship Ecosystem’ will see prominent professionals lead the charge to share their knowledge and expertise on seven key business elements that aim to complement the skills gained through the INJAZ National Company Program. Each business element will increase students’ proficiency in a unique set of skills. The skill enhancement sessions will touch on topics such as design thinking, innovation, technology, growth and development, sustainability, customer service and business strategy, to amplify their understanding on a wide spectrum of business concepts.

By partnering with leading companies in the private sector, INJAZ Al-Arab is shining a light for the Arab youth and providing them with the specialized skills to drive the economies of the Arab world forward. This year’s partners include industry experts and representatives from Citi Foundation, Investcorp, Mastercard, FedEx, Boeing, Schneider Electric and Google. The in-depth skills sessions will be led by partner experts and offered online to youth in 13 countries during the month of November.

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INJAZ Bahrain Company Program winning teams will be representing the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Competition. ‘Sahim’ a mobile application developed by ‘Ibn Khuldoon National School’ students and the winner of  the ‘High School Company of the Year 2020’ award alongside ‘Al Malga’ a software developed by ‘Kingdom University’ students and the winner of the ‘University Company of the Year 2020’ award will compete amongst other regional teams in this year’s competition.

H.H Sh. Hessa Bint Khalifa AlKhalifa, INJAZ Bahrain Chairperson commented, “INJAZ Bahrain is very excited for this year’s unique competition and the various experiences that the students will be participating in leading up to the awards day. INJAZ has managed to create an interactive and cross border forum for these youngsters to learn from and we are sure that each and every student will walk away with wealth of knowledge gained and information sought.”

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