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Innovation Department at AGU Reviews Innovative Teaching Methods in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Dr. Odeh Al Jayyousi, the Arabian Gulf University’s (AGU) Innovation Management Department Head, gave a lecture through video conferencing technology on education and innovation in the light of the Coronavirus “Covid-19” pandemic in cooperation with the Infiglance Training Institute, which was attended by researchers and graduate students from several Arab and international countries.

Dr. Al Jayyousi, Head of the Technology Management and Innovation at AGU, reviewed a series of global transformations in terms of market globalization and new technologies in the field of university education. He addressed the definition of the concept of innovation in education and educational innovation through models of innovation in education in light of the concept of liquid modernity, which is represented in the identification of the world of things, ideas, and cultures till the change becomes a characteristic of the times.

In addition, Dr. Al Jayyousi presented important questions about the future of universities in light of the digital transformation and the communication and information revolution. As studies indicate that the structure of traditional universities may be subject to fundamental changes in light of distance education technology and open learning resources such as Coursera, Khan Academy, and open publishing sources such as Wikipedia.

Moreover, Dr. Al Jayyousi presented several innovative policies at American universities such as the University of Arizona, which provided a pioneering model in the use of artificial intelligence and open education; Stanford University that developed the concept of design thinking, which relies on research teams and users to develop innovative solutions; while Harvard University relies on the concept of process innovation, which includes developing the effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of processes in order to reduce cost and time.

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