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Innovative wearable tech app helps in prevention of drowning

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As summer heats up, more and more children will flock to their local pool in an attempt to keep cool. Unfortunately, they are also flocking towards danger as drowning is second only to motor vehicle accidents leading cause of accidental death in children.


iSwimband, innovative wearable tech company,is seeking to help make the classic summertime activity of swimming much safer.iSwimband consists of an electronic water submersion sensor, which is worn either on a headband (for swimmers) or a wristband (for non-swimmers). The sensor syncs to a mobile phone via an app (available in the Apple App Store, on Google Play and in the Kindle Marketplace) over Bluetooth, and sends an alert whenever the wearer is underwater for a certain amount of time, or at all; the time limits are set individually by the user.

Currently available online, but looking to expand, iSwimband opened a campaign on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo with the goal of collecting $30,000 to support their efforts.

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