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If you have ever used a Polaroid Instant camera, you will know how convenient it was to have a picture immediately after taking it to show to your friends or as a record of an event. Since the demise of Polaroid’s instant film cameras, though it’s still very easy to take instant photos in a social setting, typically with a camera phone, a paper copy is harder, ironically.

As some recompense, Polaroid is the first company to introduce a printer based on ZINK Imaging’s new technology. ZINK, which stands for Zero INK, uses no inks, ribbons or coated films. Instead, all the technology needed to produce a full-colour print is held in three layers of transparent crystals, coated on the ZINK paper. A thermal print head sends pulses through the layers to heat the appropriate set of crystals and produce a colour image.

The printer produces full color 2″ x 3″ prints using an “inkless” technology. The images are created from heat activated crystals in the photo paper. The photos are water proof, tear proof and smear proof.

This new electronic invention connects to a digital camera using a USB cable, or to a mobile phone through wireless Bluetooth. It uses rechargeable batteries or an AC adapter. So now you can get breathtakingly beautiful and lifelike photographs of yourself, your family and friends, as well as of different places you visit, from a magically portable and handy printer. Indeed, small is a revolution!

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