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International Standards for Information Security

TRA Encourages Adoption of International Standards for Information Security

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Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) held a workshop on Thursday, the 17th of March, 2016 for the telecommunications operators on the subject of Information Security based on ISO 27001 and CAS(T) Standards.

ISO 27001 encompasses best international practice recommendations on information security management, risks and controls. CAS(T) is a standard for information in Telecommunications Service Providers which was developed in the United Kingdom.

“Cyber security is globally a top priority today, particularly in the telecoms industry, and it’s in the interest of TRA and operators in Bahrain to observe the knowledge and expertise of the international community.” Says Dr. Khalid Al Khalifa, TRA’s Director of Cyber Security. “Following best international practices is essential, as our telecommunications infrastructure is the backbone to development not only in telecoms sector but also in other critical sectors such as banking and finance as they rely on the availability of the services provided over these critical assets”

The workshop, which was attended by the telecommunications operators in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and encompassed various issues related to Information security, including the major sources of cyber threats faced by telecoms operators. The workshop gave insight on how ISO27001 and CAS(T) standards can help operators address these cyber threats, experiences of the implementation of these standards in the UK, and planning for implementation of ISO27001 and CAS(T) certification from the operators’ point of view in both Mobile and fixed line services.

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