Euro Motors, the exclusive dealer and distributor for luxury automotive manufacturer Land Rover in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is proud to announce the roll-out of amazing new offers that are to coincide with the recent launch of the most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon car that Jaguar has ever produced, the Jaguar .

Being the crowning jewel in its exclusive lineup of sensational vehicles, Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover has made a generous finance scheme available for the exhilarating and stimulating New Jaguar XE that includes offering it at incredibly feasible prices starting from BD 15,995 at 0% interest with 5 years warranty, 5 years service and a highly practical provision of 5 years road assistance to complement the experience of owning the masterpiece.

Jaguar’s commitment to its relentless pursuit of excellence and its mastery of the fine art is embodied in the Jaguar XE and the gem has lived up to the hype surrounding its spectacular launch with owners, critics and the general populace of the motoring community being completely overawed with the futuristic designs it embraces so well and the cutting edge technology that is offered with such a reasonably priced vehicle.

The Jaguar XE is the first of a new generation of cars that have been launched on Jaguar’s state-of-the-art, all new Aluminium Intensive Architecture, providing it with the ability to deliver premium handling, performance and refinement. With its all-new InControl System which offers a suite of the latest connective technologies, its F-TYPE inspired advanced aerodynamics that gives it an imposing and awe-inspiring look and its luxurious and enveloping lush interior, the Jaguar XE casts a shadow on all other vehicles in its class as not only does it provide such offerings, it does so in the most cost-efficient sense with extended service intervals of 34,000 km, lower servicing costs and competitive insurance group ratings.

Speaking about the exclusive offers, Mark Price, Jaguar Brand Manager, said: “As is always, Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover has devised another manner for owners and potential buyers of yet another prestigious Jaguar, the new XE, to distinguish them from any other motorist with the launch of these fabulous new offers. Therefore, it is with immense joy that I am able to announce the roll-out of these new provisions that will serve to envelop the elite that consist of those who have the privilege of driving a Jaguar XE in a euphoric bubble of ecstasy that will beautify and colour their lives on a daily basis. We take pride in possessing the ability to bring a smile to the faces of our clientele, both existing and prospective, with our tireless innovative endeavours and pioneering ventures on such a consistent basis and we look forward to being the heralds of a new chapter in their lives with the products we and the all-comprehensive services we provide as well as welcoming more into our fold as we know they deserve but the best.”

The Jaguar XE brings together the latest innovation, technology and design and is packed with systems that empower the driver and enhance the driving experience. With the introduction of this astonishing vehicle, Jaguar has joined forces with the very best British creative minds to craft a work of art that has been engineered and modeled to perfection.

Although the Jaguar XE has only been recently introduced, it has already amassed an impressive collection of awards including Car of the Year and Best Business Car at the Telegraph Awards, Best New Car at the Fleet World Awards, Best Large Car at the Diesel Car Magazine Awards and with its latest triumph at the annual Auto Express Awards, being named the Best Compact Executive, the Jaguar XE has proven that it is a true Jaguar.

Since the start of its operations in 1998, Euro Motors has successfully positioned itself as the leader in the automotive industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Continually striving to attain the highest standards, Euro Motors does not compromise on presentation, quality, technical service or customer care in accord with its belief in offering the utmost to customers.

To book a test drive, visit the Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover showroom in Sitra or call on 17460460.

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