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Introducing DragGAN, the AI-Powered Interactive Photo Editor

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When it comes to editing photos, the upcoming AI-powered DragGAN will be a game-changer. In a matter of seconds, you can change an image’s form, position, expression, or layout using the DragGAN AI photo editor.

DragGAN allows users to drag points in a picture to their chosen target places interactively. This feature-based motion supervision enables users to move handle points precisely, providing them complete control over the picture alteration process. Furthermore, the point-tracking technique ensures that the handle points are monitored precisely throughout the editing process.

The capabilities of DragGAN go beyond those of standard picture editing software. It allows users to accomplish changes that go beyond simple pixel manipulation by enabling different modification effects across several object types. For example, instead of simply warping the underlying item, it may regenerate it, and it can even rotate 3D pictures.

While DragGAN is now only accessible as a demo, it has certainly piqued the imagination of users wanting to learn more about its capabilities. Its ability to enable realistic and interactive picture modification in seconds makes it a promising tool for users of all skill levels.

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How DragGAN works

DragGAN changes pictures by generating a 3D model of the image, which is subsequently editable. Users may adjust the position, shape, emotion, and arrangement of items in the image without impacting the remainder of the image. DragGAN works by first extracting features from an image with a convolutional neural network (CNN). These characteristics are then utilized to generate a 3D representation of the picture. A second CNN is then used to alter the 3D model. This CNN was trained using an image dataset that has been altered by humans. The altered photos are used to teach the CNN how to modify the 3D model. Once taught, the CNN may be used to alter any picture.

By Jassim Haji

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