Introducing the creator of the world’s craziest music genre, Techno

Derrick May

Derrick May, the creator of the technology of techno music was in Bahrain last night in an open mic session and played his music live to get the crowd all pumped up. It was a legendary night for all techno fans out here in the Kingdom. Techno, as a music genre has definitely changed since before. Bahrain This Week has some great information to share about the legendary Techno Artist!

May’s career started in 1987, with the release of a record called “Nude Photo”, which helped kickstart the Detroit techno music scene. A year later he was following it with what was to become one of techno‘s classic anthems, the seminal track “Strings of Life,” which was named by Frankie Knuckles. It became May’s best known track, which, according to Frankie Knuckles, “just exploded. It was like something you can’t imagine, the kind of power and energy people got off that record when it was first heard. Mike Dunn says he has no idea how people can accept a record that doesn’t have a bassline.” The song was featured in video game Midnight Club: Street Racing too.

Derrick Detroit is mostly known for its hiphop the home of Eminem, Dr.dre etc. which has not stopped people to wonder why and how he decided to go for techno music instead. Want to know what he says about that? Let’s find out-

“The music that was playing in Detroit back in my time was the “Funk and soul” music, so we wanted to create something new and unique in a sense. We were like angry kids who are hungry for music and wanting to prove their own point and do their own thing!”

May spoke about his future plans too which might really interest you Techno lovers of the Kingdom of Bahrain. “It’s worked out well so I have great future plans too. I’m in this country for a reason I’m trying to develop a music festival that’s so different than anything this country has ever seen I hope I’ll be able to do that and have good relationships with everyone and just try to make a difference by being here.. After all I have fallen in love with Bahrain they are always welcoming in my couple of visits to it everyone made me feel like I was home and I can really see myself living here.” I know right! Derrick’s going to get this Kingdom all Techno-ed up!

BTW wanted to know few of derrick’s favorites and this is what he mentioned- “That’s a tough question I don’t even know where to start, but I always enjoy Kenny Larkin. I’m a huge fan of Carl Craig Real Detroit artists. I’m very supportive with their music because it’s not just electronic music it’s also really flowy like a fashion deigner, they can either keep doing the same thing or just do something that will shock you, that is why the artists from Detroit are so special. We have to always keep creating new things and keep everyone interested.

Some of your old tracks are still alive which means you created music that will never die. One among those tracks are “Strings of life” which is the most popular track. It was a good accident. It was when a friend of mine came to my house and casually asked to play my piano. He played something close to a love song and I didn’t even hear the recording he made, until after six months, when I first heard it by mistake, I decided to add a few things on it myself and there it was the string of life! Hence it was a great accident!

“Well keeping all this aside, It’s my second time tonight and I’m really excited to be here. I will hit the gold market, eat some good food, enjoy the weather, have a great party and just become a Bahraini!” Derrick May ended with a great note!

It was a great opportunity for us and Bahrain to have met the legendary Derrick May. His history is full of notable achievements and his future is blooming with remarkable goals, it was a real pleasure and an inspiration to meet Derrick May, the creator of the craziest genre, Techno!