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‘Islamiyat’ Bundle of Islamic services in a Widget

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With Ramadan vibes approaching and nearly two billion Muslims around the globe spiritually preparing themselves for the Holy Month, the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) also prepared itself by benefiting the public with the ‘Islamiyat’ app which provides substantial amount of Islamic-related services and information.

Available on the National eGovernment Portal (bahrain.bh) and the eGovernment Apps Store (Bahrain.bh/apps) for both Android and iOS users; the Islamiyat eService and the user-friendly mobile app keeps users well-informed, up-to-date and constantly aware of the Majalis distributed around the country.

Provided in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice & Islamic Affairs, the app embraces a range of Islamic services that are available all year long such as the ‘Imsakiya & Prayer Times’ feature which includes accurate prayer times of when to break fasting, alarm for prayers and a compass for Qibla direction. Others include ‘Hajj & Umrah’ – a directory of Hajj and Umrah agencies including their contact data and addresses if any pilgrims wish to select from; together with ‘Mosques Locator’ which includes the new mosques built in the country and the ‘Zakat Calculator’ feature that enables users to calculate their Zakat for any possessions such as house or gold.

The app, with its clean design and large icons, also obtains other services that are seasonal such as a list of Ramadan Majalis – their names, contact details, locations as well as ability to search for the nearest Majlis.

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Capture all the essential tools and stay in tune with the fully accessible information where ever you are to help you keep in check and explore gatherings in Ramadan. For any enquiries on the Islamiyat app or eServices, please call the National Contact Center on 8000 8001

or visit the portal on Bahrain.bh.

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