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It’s all in your communication

Interview with Mr. Waheed AlBalushi, the first citizen from GCC to be a Level 4 Directive Communication Psychology Certified Corporate Trainer.

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From a high school teacher to a proud member of the team that set up LMRA and the pioneer at delivering directive communication techniques in whole of GCC: The expertise and experience of Mr. Waheed AlBalushi has been on a wider spectrum trying to teach the world all about breaking the ice and getting to communicate. His workshops comes with the motto – “Creating the ideal environment”, where environment refers to the people who surrounds you including your friends, family and colleagues. For Mr. AlBalushi, it is all about constructing the environment where you learn to be happy with others and others feel the same in return.

Trained by Arthur Carmazzi

“I have received my training from the renowned author, motivational change leadership speaker and inventor Mr Arthur Carmazzi. All these years I have been reading a lot and have the hands on experience that has helped me develop the right tools for training. It’s with the time and know-how that I am able to understand the emotional drivers of my group and perceive their thoughts. ”

Unique training tools and techniques

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“We can all connect our successes and failures to the communication we make. Most of the workshops usually deliver general guidance. But I concentrate on new techniques, special tools and materials that can give better understanding on directive communication. We use techniques based on scientific and psychological analysis and its all proven studies. The tools that I share with my trainees aid them to tackle their situations there by empowering them to live in harmony in the society they belong to.”

The beauty and danger in using psychology

“Knowing and understanding the psychology of people makes it easy for me to work with them. There are 8 emotional drivers that work for every one of us. Some people like to stand out in the crowd and for some others the direct converse is better appreciated. When motivated in the right way as expected by the individual, my process becomes easy.”

Communications Training at Corporate levels

“Every company if you see has their visions and missions clearly stated. But many a time we fail to reach the goal. Why? The leaders of the organization might have figured a path that would take them reach their aim. And the employees are asked to follow the same trail. Unfortunately every individual don’t think the same way and this often ends up in a situation where either the employer of the employee remains unsatisfied.”

“My workshops have been on change management, the work culture & corporate focus and communication and leadership skills. Fortunately they are eye opener for everyone at the corporate level. It has helped the teams understand why everyone cannot think and act the same way as directed. It is all about group dynamics and living in a community. It becomes easier to achieve the same target when we work together understanding each other better.”

Understanding Different Minds and Communicating

“Many a time we tend to judge a person based on the queries they pass at us. It has to be understood that some people take time to comprehend things and they can do that only by putting in queries and collecting the answers they receive. We call them the analytical minds. There are people who see the big picture and just rush towards it. They learn from the mistakes they make on the way and finally attain their object. We call them chaotic thinkers. They are often the leaders and the creators who can build anything from nothing. Then we have the linear minds, who plans every step they take and won’t move unless they have their objectives and plans in place. And we have the Emotional minds that work on feelings that include being attached to tangible and non tangible things.”

“Understanding these different minds apply to all sectors of the society. When husbands don’t communicate feelings to their spouse or the teachers unable to understand the slow learners of their class, the spark of disappointment is triggered and life becomes chaos.”

Eliminating the Blame Culture

“Through my workshops, am trying to eliminate the culture of blaming each other presuming themselves being always right. It is about understanding the psychology behind blaming and understanding the surrounding in a better way. ”

Communication is a MUST

“We all need to communicate. Even if you are good, you can strive to be better. Enhancing your communication can help you live peacefully with yourselves and others. There are many ways of enhancing it; you just need to find yours.”

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