Jaguar Land Rover goes beyond for safety and convenience with Service@Home

Jaguar Land Rover Service@Home

With customer convenience as top priority, Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover continues to extend its Service@Home to help customers keep their cars dependable and safe.

Going the extra mile, the company is offering an unparalleled level of service by offering its customers the convenience of regularly having the vehicle checked and serviced right at their homes, regardless of the model or the purchase year. This includes conforming to the highest hygiene standards and equipping the technicians with protective gear to carry out the car maintenance service in the most efficient and sanitised manner.

“As people are encouraged to stay and work from home, they’re are likely to have their vehicles driven far more infrequently than usual,” said Mr. Stephen Lay, the General Manager of Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover. “Leaving cars parked for long periods of times can impact its reliability with maintenance to be carried out regularly to keep the car running and yourself safe.”

“With our unique Service@Home offering which is powered by a dedicated automobile fitted with all the required tools and equipment for car care and electronic health check-ups, our customers can take advantage without having to step out of their homes” he added further.

Customers can book a Service@Home appointment by calling the Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover showroom at 17460460 or the website, and or through the Total Care app, available for download on iOS and Android, making the offering all the more accessible to its customers. While customers are advised to engage in online channels for their service or payment requirements, the Euro Motors Jaguar Land Rover Service Centre is also open daily from 8 am to 2 pm, Saturday to Thursday.

For further details, please stay tuned to Euro Motors – Jaguar Bahrain on Facebook or at @emjaguarbahrain on Instagram and Euro Motors – Land Rover Bahrain on Facebook or at @emlandroverbahrain on Instagram.