Customer delight and employee satisfaction are the key drivers of corporate gifting, according to the founders of online gifting platform, joi.

With an estimated GCC market size of roughly USD 650M, this huge opportunity has been addressed with the launch of their new sub-brand [email protected]

“We created [email protected] to help enterprise clients get a return on their gifting strategy, but we appreciate that one size doesn’t fit all in corporate gifting. This is why we offer bespoke gifting options and features that cater for both, regular/consistent requirements of business customers as well as ad-hoc occasions,” said Alper Celen, co-founder of joi.

From flowers to gourmet hampers and bundles, and even a subscription service, [email protected] offers many gifting options. Not to mention the sophisticated set of features that offer [email protected] customers flexibility and control, including multiple payment options, exclusive promotions and pricing, tracking and reporting to better understand gifting volumes and patterns, and the bulk order option. Understanding that added conveniences make all the difference, [email protected] also offers additional special features such as scheduling of gifting requirements and templated messages for quick, consistent checkout.

Seasonal gifting is also catered for, in addition to one-off occasions such as birthday, events, end of service or even boardroom enhancements. [email protected] has also created a unique, new offering called ‘sorry as a service’, to help salvage a negative situation.

“Service providers such as banks and telecom operators can plug in to joi to automatically have a gift sent to inconvenienced customers to show them they’re more than ‘just an account number’. This leads to not just increased loyalty and lower churn, but potentially even positive PR through word of mouth or social media,” he added.

Designed to maximize customerdelight by building loyalty and making clientsfeel truly valued, [email protected] is also the perfect tool to build employee satisfaction and engagement through acknowledgement and recognition, thereby improving communication, creativity, productivity and retention. Enhancing the workplace through use of fresh flowers is proven to foster creativity, reduce stress and make the workplace a comfortable and happy environment.

“Engaged consumers buy 90% more frequently and spend 60% more per transaction. Long-term customers offer repeat business and growth in volume as the relationshipprogresses. 66% of consumers will switch companies when they don’t feel valued or looked after, and 58% of consumers will never return after this happens. With [email protected], we offer enterprises an easy way to use gifting to keep their customers engaged and happy,” said Ritesh Tilani, co-founder of joi.

With a partnerlist that already includes the likes of Emirates, Etihad Airways, Medcare Hospitals and Clinics, Al Tayer Group, Bain & Company, Deloitte and MasterCard, the initial response to [email protected] is indeed heartening. Those interested in using the platform for their own company’s gifting needs can visit and fill in the contact form under Business Gifts. One of the dedicated [email protected] team members will get in touch shortly thereafter and set them up with an account.

“We’re working in different capacities with each of these partners. Some get a discount for all their employees, whilst others send gifts to their employees and/or customers. What sets [email protected] apart is the flexibility we offer, regardless of the package you choose,” added Tilani.