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KAE’s top brands with Aviation Application

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Ebrahim K. Kanoo has always been keen to seek out new business opportunities and pioneer new industries while reiterating its commitment to quality and customer care. Recently, the company participated at the Bahrain International Air Show 2016 which took place from January 21st until 23rd, 2016 during which, three divisions of the Ebrahim K. Kanoo group, Kanoo Automotive and Industrial Equipment (KAE), Llumar and Ziebart participated in the Air show to showcase their line of products and services to the airport ground services and terminal halls.

KAE selected three of its top brands, Stahlwille, Sortimo and SPX with aviation application to showcase their line of products.

Ms. Katie Peterkova, Business Development Manager for KAE, Ziebart and Llumar said: ‘We are glad to have been a part of such a spectacular event, with brands that can offer aviation application and products suitable for airport ground services operations.’

Stahlwille is a German brand that offers tool solutions for aerospace. For over 150 years, Stahlwille has been a byword for quality in the development and manufacturing of professional tools. As a high-performance technology partner to the aerospace industry with many years of experience, Stahlwille develops and supplies individually conceived tool solutions that meet the most stringent safety and quality standards.

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Sortimo named as the “Best Brand 2015” in Workshop and the In-Vehicle Equipment category in Germany, is the leading manufacturer of van racking systems and mobile transport solutions. Sortimo supplies Intelligent Mobility solutions, which goes beyond secure tool storage in commercial vehicles.  With an extensive offering of extras and new functions, the in-vehicle equipment helps to reduce search time and contributes towards an efficient work space.

SPX, an American brand, offers Power Team products which are used throughout the world for applications in aviation, construction, rigging, quarrying, marine projects, maintenance and repair. SPX Power Team products are used during aircraft engine cowling maintenance, fly-wheel manufacturing and aircraft wing production.

Llumar, another American brand and a worldwide leader in window films, offers Llumar solar control and energy saving window films which provide a cost-effective option that enhances both building and commuter comfort. The Llumar range of energy control films filters out the worst of the sun’s heat, reducing the ambient temperature of a room. This can provide a reduction in air conditioning usage, benefitting the environment. Implementation of Llumar film on terminal buildings leads to energy savings and a rapid return on investment, earning up to 9 LEED points towards LEED certification while enhancing passenger comfort, providing a uniform appearance of a building with a commercial warranty up to 10-years.

Ziebart a United Kingdom Brand is the future of total vehicle protection products and services. Ziebart’s exclusive products are specially formulated to improve the appearance of fleet vehicles, both inside and outside, including but not limited to long-lasting, anti-bacterial detailing services designed to sanitize vehicles, creating a healthier environment for both the staff and passengers. With Ziebart Window Tint, a  variety of shades are available to suit the customer’s needs, with maximum heat rejection, enhanced  driver/passenger comfort, 99% UV rejection, tough and scratch-resistant coating, and a warranty  against peel, bubble or fade.


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