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Keep your Papers in order

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Just as it is essential to keep your vehicle in order for a safe and comfortable driving, it is equally essential that you ensure the papers of your vehicle which the Traffic policeman might demand for verification are also up to date and in order.

There are three documents you must carry with you while driving and you better make sure the first two are not expired.

DRIVING LICENsE: The first is the driving license. If you have merely picked up the rudiments of driving by trying your hand on the cars belonging to your friends or family members and have never formally learnt it and therefore do not possess a license to drive you are on slippery and dangerous ground.

You must never drive without a driving license because in case of an accident the insurance taken out by the vehicle’s owner will not cover you and you might face a hard time settling an unaffordably huge financial bill. Teenagers, as they are stepping out of school, are fascinated by the prospect of driving like an adult and do sometimes take chance to ‘try their hand’ at family vehicles. Their guardians need to discourage them.

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Newly-arrived people from Asian countries, who may be driving in their own country on a valid driving licence, also take their chance though they ought to understand those licences are not recognized in Bahrain and for all practical purposes they would be driving illegally.

Driving alone on a learner’s licence is also illegal. In such a case you must always have your instructor next to you.

All driving licences need to be renewed periodically so make sure yours has not expired.

INSURANCE: The second essential document is the insurance card of the vehicle you are driving. Driving without insurance or on expired insurance can be ruinous; if you hit someone fatally the payment to the next of kin of the deceased in the absence of insurance may take away a lifetime’s savings.

You must check your insurance papers carefully and must not drive even if they expired only five minutes earlier. Insurance companies specify the coverage down to the last minute.

OWNERSHIP: The third essential document you must carry is the vehicle ownership card, no matter whether it is your vehicle or someone else’s. There is no bar on a person driving a vehicle belonging to someone else but the Traffic policeman must know to whom the vehicle involved in an accident belongs.

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