Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain (KFH-Bahrain) announced that customers can choose between several airlines to add their free air miles earned when using KFH Credit Cards for any purchase or payment transaction.

“KFH-Bahrain is committed to providing the best banking products and services in the local market and seeks to continuously exceed customer expectations and enhance the customer experience by expanding the bank’s local and international offerings,” said Head of e-Cards and Services Department at KFH-Bahrain, Mr. Abdulrahman Al Khan.

“Clients can visit any KFH-Bahrain branch to add or change the airline company they wish to get their air miles from, at their convenience,” he added.

KFH-Bahrain’s Credit Cards are Shari’a compliant and are the most widely accepted in all countries of the world. Users can avail of free supplementary cards for their family members, and a repayment grace period of up to 50 days. In addition, there is no interest charged, low competitive service fee, and users also receive free travel insurance, and free cash withdrawals around the world.

In addition, KFHB Visa Signature Credit Card entitles its holders to free access at more than 650 airport lounges globally.

For more information regarding KFH-Bahrain banking services, please contact us on 77777777 or visit the nearest branch or visit www.kfh.bh