Khaleeji Commercial Bank’s Social Committee organised the annual staff camp in Sakhir, stemming from its quest to strengthen the social bonds that connect employees and to provide them with opportunities for recreation and entertainment.

The camp, which was held amid a familial atmosphere mixed with fun, was attended by Vice Chairman Mr. Abdulkarim Bucheery, some members of the bank’s executive management & the families of staff who had a wonderful time marked by an atmosphere of affection and fun. This year, the KHCB’s Annual Camp event included a number of recreational activities, competitions and prizes for the winners as well as the distribution of gifts to the children and the provision of lunch and dinner for the participants.

On this occasion, Mr Tawfeeq Mohammed Bastaki, CRO & Acting CEO of Khaleeji Commercial Bank said, “We are keen to organise this event annually as it plays a significant role in strengthening our ties as a family under the umbrella of the Khaleeji Commercial Bank name. This undoubtedly reflects on the bank’s level of business performance and comes within the framework of our commitment to come to know our employees outside of the workplace, to listen to and converse with them.”

Mr Bastaki praised the level of organisation and order that the camp was characterised by and commended the efforts of the members of the Social Committee, which had an important role in the camp’s success this year.

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