KHCB Continues to Welcome University Students to its Internship Programme


Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB) continues to welcome university students in the Kingdom to its pioneering internship programme, by receiving 13 students from various local universities as part of the requirements to completing their academic studies.

This initiative reflects the keenness of KHCB to adhere to its social responsibility, alongside its deep interest in preparing the coming generations to engage in the Islamic banking sector, in order to contribute to its development.

The two-month internship programme provides students with the opportunity to learn about the Islamic banking system and the work environment in various departments by rotating interns through various departments to work closely with the staff, in order to acquire practical skills, in addition to learning how to create a CV, prepare for interviews and attending a number of educational lectures on Islamic banking.

On this occasion, Mr. Mohammed Abdulla Saleh, Assistant General Manager of Human Resources and Corporate Communications at the Bank commented “We are pleased to contribute in training and development of future leaders through a programme that includes the most important practical aspects and knowledge of the Islamic banking sector. Organising this programme stems from the bank’s belief that the human element is central to any success; thereby, the bank has endeavoured to regard banking expertise and competencies and to incentivise and develop them within an institutional environment that enables them to excel and achieve self-fulfilment.”