Kill the Speed or the Speed will Kill you!

This article is published in association with Ministry of Interior in public interest.

With the joyous occasion of Eid barely a week away, one can visualize the usual rush, chaos and traffic jams on the road as all of us get down to buying gifts and goodies and visiting friends and relatives. This is the time when there is all the more reason to drive in a cool and collected manner. Let there be no accident to kill the joy.

There are many driving rules one must follow. The list is long. But today we shall focus on the most crucial and important aspect of safe driving: ‘Say No To Speeding’.

When you press your foot on the accelerator have you ever given a thought to the question: Why am I speeding? Are you late for that meeting or a family occasion or that crucial interview? Then the answer is not to speed but to plan beforehand. The trick lies in your skill at time management.

Some speed because of jealousy or frustration. The driver in the car that just passed you by was speeding and overtook you, so you must speed to ‘defeat’ him which is a laughable reason to speed as it can have tragic consequences. Some also speed out of habit. Weirdly, for some speeding is a passion!

Remember that speeding is an addiction and while you may have a good run for some time, eventually when you get involved in a mishap, the price to pay could be very heavy. It could even be your life, with your family being left to fend for themselves if you are their breadwinner. And even if you survive, you may end up as a vegetable or permanently disabled, staring at life from a wheelchair.

So think twice before hitting the road at break-neck speed. It could actually break your neck!