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KONE Unveil DX Class – the First Digitally Connected Elevator Series for the Middle East and Africa

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KONE, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, has introduced the world’s first digital elevator series to the Middle East and Africa. KONE DX Class elevators feature class-leading built-in connectivity, enabling users to enjoy a new and enhanced experience that combines the very best in design, technology, new materials, apps and services. The KONE DX Class series is available across markets in the region, beginning with the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt as focus markets for regional growth.

The KONE DX Class — the DX standing for “digital experience” — recasts the role of elevators in buildings, true to KONE’s 110-year history of innovation and industry leadership. The elevator is no longer merely a way to travel between floors, but an integral and integrated platform that offers intuitive, ambient and connected experiences that extend from the lobby throughout the building. For KONE’s customers, such as developers and building owners, where design and differentiation are critical, a key advantage is the ability to adapt and upgrade the elevator experience according to needs now and in the future. KONE’s flexibility can support any building, no matter its age, in levelling up its infrastructure at any time to become a smart building, regardless of whether the existing equipment is manufactured by KONE.

When stepping inside an elevator, the design is the first thing anyone notices. But beyond aesthetics, there are many invisible ways in which the smart materials and finishes in the new KONE DX Class elevators improve hygiene and add to peace of mind. Importantly, digital services can be activated remotely as customers need, without having to visit the site to install anything. With KONE DX class elevators, customers can also take advantage of planning tools, including our virtual car designer, tools for energy modeling as well as People Flow and consulting services.

These features are joined by a modern suite of functionalities perfectly in tune with such a future-focused region. The new KONE DX Class enables customers to tailor and plug in additional software and services for elevators throughout the entire lifetime of a building. By using open application programming interfaces (APIs), KONE’s approach makes it easy to manage and integrate different devices, apps and services with new and existing systems. For elevator passengers this brings a host of new, multisensory experiences inside the elevator, combining physical hardware and digital services.

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Ruban Bilen, Regional Managing Director of KONE Middle East and Africa commented, “The KONE DX Class cleverly caters to the modern demands of our customers in the region, providing added convenience, safety, security and ease of use; particularly in the wake of COVID-19. As we further expand our pioneering smart building solutions, we’re bringing our customers in the Middle East and Africa the ability to mass-customize services for their tenants. The latest introduction of the DX Class gives building developers and managers the ability to upgrade the value of their building, for prospective buyers and tenants respectively, by creating an integrated and easily adaptable building experience.

“In addition, GCC countries are prioritising sustainability now more than ever before where green initiatives, sustainability goals and green building support are a major part of each nation’s development visions. KONE shares the same vision and aims to make the world’s cities better and more sustainable places to live in. This can be recognised through its latest DX Class which offers design options and innovations, including anti-stain, anti-scratch, and anti-bacterial surfaces and sustainable materials to meet green building criteria. This is our response to the ongoing evolution of the urban world, and we will continue to deliver new experiences to users and — significantly — helping them stay safe and healthy in a region where life is changing at the speed of technology.” added Bilen.

Any elevator can benefit from these upgrades and these solutions are not limited to elevators that utilize KONE equipment. A completely new experience can be introduced to the building and the elevator, if customers require an upgrade. KONE DX enables existing buildings to become smart while helping to provide the benefits that smart elevators bring. This means any building of any age can be given a facelift, to provide the latest user experience. It means moving from “modernizing because of age or obsolescence” to “modernizing for customer experience and building value”.

KONE has worked closely with customers in the region to develop and define the KONE DX elevators to best meet their fast-changing needs. New technologies can help create integrated and easily adaptable building experiences. As buildings evolve, the elevators can also simultaneously evolve in ways that many people would not otherwise expect.

Pascal Nassour, Managing Director at KONE in Qatar and Bahrain stated, “Through the latest DX Class, KONE leads the digitization and smart solutions that enables better connected cities. Prioritizing unique user-experiences and placing convenience at the heart of its evolution, the DX Class can easily upgrade the value of any building through the support of new technologies. This creates an appealing living and working environment which ultimately contributes to attracting businesses, investors and citizens. Though this, KONE is able to offer both Qatar and Bahrain cutting-edge infrastructure that contributes to both governments’ Vision 2030 goal of creating a high level of competitiveness in the global economy and a higher standard of living for its citizens.”

Such features saw the DX Class series land four prestigious Red Dot Design Awards in 2020, which celebrated the product line for its outstanding design, innovativeness, and smart elements. These features include open application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it easy to manage and integrate different devices, apps and services with new and existing systems. Meanwhile, providing added peace of mind for users at this time, antimicrobial coatings on DX Class elevators improve hygiene by inhibiting bacteria, mould, fungi and even viruses.

KONE DX Class is also designed to contribute to buildings’ sustainability initiatives and energy efficiency, combining materials that meet internationally recognized green building standards including BREEAM and LEED. This is in-keeping with the region’s growing eco-consciousness In the UAE this can be reflected in the launch of its Green Economy Initiative in 2012 and its commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN’s 2030 Agenda — a commitment also made by Saudi Arabia’s local leadership.

KONE’s mission to increase efficiency and preserve resources can be traced to when it first introduced 24/7 connectivity to elevators and escalators in 2017. This building solution combines artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) to predict issues and fix them before they occur, which resulted in a 28 per cent decrease in maintenance calls within two years. Currently, 60 per cent of all issues can be identified and repaired before they occur as the smart solution software can evolve, learn, and grow in intelligence.

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