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BTW caught up with the islanders’ much loved, very popular and crazy good Krazy Kevin, who had relocated to Australia a few years ago, but was back in Bahrain over the turn of the year to entertain his fans and make everybody have some crazy fun.

How has it been to be back in Bahrain?

It has been amazing coming back to Bahrain after 5 years…I have seen a few changes but the driving has, sad to say, got worse..!!

What brings you back to Bahrain?

I came here to DJ on New Year’s Eve at the Sea Loft Dragon Hotel in Amwaj Islands.

What’s keeping you busy in Australia?

Well here in Australia I present a daily radio show from 4pm till 6pm. I DJ at weddings, birthday parties, school functions, and other events. I also work with some charity organisations over here.

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Needless to say, you miss Bahrain, but what do you miss the most about Bahrain?

Of course I miss Bahrain…the thing I miss the most is the people Whilst there this time I went to a Filipino birthday party, had Chai with my Pakistani friend, went to the special chef appearance at an Indian restaurant, had fish ‘n’ chips with a British friend and was at a special Bahraini birthday party!! Where else in the world will you find such a diverse set of nationalities all living together harmoniously in one country?

What’s your message to your listeners who miss you on Bahrain FM?

To all my listeners; I thought you would have forgotten me. But thank goodness, that’s not the case! I was stopped at so many places around the island to chat to people…and watch this space… if wanted I would love to come back again! But only for another short period; my wife and daughter would kill me if I stayed a lot longer!

You are into the business of entertaining, how do you keep yourself motivated to continue?

I think I am naturally motivated by life itself!! I love entertaining and above all else, I love meeting people from all walks of life and different nationalities. Motivation comes from within and to continue in the same way is my mantra in life.

What’s your message to aspiring DJs and entertainers in Bahrain?

To all my fellow DJs and entertainers, my message to you is to love what you are doing, be professional, ALWAYS have a smile on your face and remember, it’s nice to be nice!

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