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Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain Announces the First Batch of “Libshara” 2019 Winners

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Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain (KFH) announced its winner of the $50,000 Grand Prize, Mrs. Masooma Abdali Mohammed, as well as other 40 winners receiving $1,000 each, while 60 winners of “Our Women, Our Children, Our Savers, Our Cards, Jazeel and Viva” categories were awarded $5,000 each. The winners were revealed following the draw held at KFH-Bahrain headquarters at the Bahrain World Trade Centre, under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and several members of the Bank’s management team.

On the occasion, Mr. Subah Al Zayani, Deputy Head of Retail Banking Group at KFH commented, “On behalf of the Bank, I would like to congratulate Mrs. Masooma Mohammed for winning the first Grand Prize, as well as all the other winners in the “Libshara” categories, under the latest Libshara campaign of 2019. We are pleased to share such joyous moments with the Prize winners, may Allah grace it with his blessing.”

Mr. Al Zayani added, “We look forward in the upcoming draw to award the first luxurious apartment in Durrat Marina, located next to Durrat Al Bahrain, out of a total of six draws which will be conducted throughout 2019. We encourage everyone to take the opportunity of winning these amazing list of prizes by opening their own “Libshara” account, which can be easily done online through the “KFH Jazeel Banking” mobile app. Opening an account is simple and can be done in under 5 mins without having to visit a KFH branch.”

The Grand Prize winner, Mrs. Masooma said she was overwhelmed with the good news, marking this the first time for her to ever win a prize. She was keen on investing with “Libshara” which she viewed as the most ideal saving account and hoped to win an apartment. Mrs. Masooma also expressed her admiration with the new edition of the “Libshara” in light of the various valuable prizes served to KFH customers on a monthly basis, and gave her gratitude to the management and employees of the Bank for their constant efforts in providing the best banking services and products.

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“Libshara” is a Sharia-compliant account which encompasses tremendous opportunities to win a variety of valuable prizes including grand and monthly prizes alongside special categories. Customers who have a “Libshara” saving account will automatically enter monthly draws upon saving an amount of BD50 or its USD equivalent for a minimum period of 30 days. The customers’ chances of winning are increased according to the length of period invested, where they receive 2 chances for a 180-days investment, and 3 chances for a 360-days investment.

Sixty lucky monthly winners of the “Libshara” account will receive an amount of $500 each for the categories “Our Women, Our Children, Our Savers, Our Cards” and customers who open their “Libshara” accounts online will be included in the new “Jazeel” category. KFH is also initiating a collaboration with “VIVA” Telecommunications Company to present 10 monthly vouchers worth $500 for small and medium enterprises upon spending BD50 or more on corporate services, in addition to other cash prizes.

The ‘Libshara’ Savings Investment Account is available for all corporate clients inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as individuals of Bahraini citizens or GCC citizens at 18 years of age or older. Minors are also eligible with support of their parents or legal guardians. A “Libshara” account can be opened online through the “KFH Jazeel Banking” mobile app or via any branch. “Libshara” ensures its account owners that the profit rates will be distributed on a monthly basis, and increased chances of winning grand prizes by increasing deposits for longer periods.


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