The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) has launched the Government Directory mobile app, on the eGovernment Apps Store at, which provides a comprehensive set of officials’ contact details, along with government entities locations and social media accounts.

In this regard, Mr. Mohammed Abdulaziz Acting Director of eServices & Channel Enhancement at iGA stated that the app is part of the direct government communication series with citizens and residents, as it provides contact details of senior public officials – ministers, deputy ministers, undersecretaries, chief executive officers, advisors, directors and acting directors. Such initiative is in line with the wise leadership directives which constantly stresses the open door policy with the public. Mr. Abdulaziz also highlighted that the mobile application comprise contact details of nearly 700 employees from 55 entities.

It is flexible and accessible to information since it enables users to search for a particular government entity and its employees; with the feature of calling, emailing as well as adding a contact to the directory or marking it as a Favorite. It also assists when desiring to contact a concerned entity when planning and organizing events given that it would be an easy, direct and fast channel of communication.

The Authority urges all government entities to regularly contact iGA to update their employees’ contact details as the application is a new channel which facilitates communication with citizens. It is one of the platforms used by those who desire to contact these entities via telephone or online.

Available on Android and iOS platforms, the application can be easily downloaded by visiting the eGovernment Apps Store on